How to Confront Your Fear of Going from Employed to Sublease in Corporate Optometry

How to Confront Your Fear of Going from Employed to Sublease in Corporate Optometry 

Going from being employed to sublease in corporate optometry is one of the most important decisions any  optometrist can make.  It can be extremely risky at times with some locations being new  and therefore, a fearsome one as well. You will be leaving the safety and security of an office based job where you are sure that you will be getting business and go into a field where constant revenue is not guaranteed unless you acquire an established location. You will have to now be an entrepreneur and learn the optometric business and understand insurance.
However, the benefits of being a sublease OD are plenty. With the right partner in corporate optometry, you will be your own boss, you will practice the way that you want. You will build a business for yourself that in the long run will be more beneficial than employment. What you put in is what you will get out. Your hard work will pay off income wise and creates accomplishment in your career.

It is all these reasons that you decided to start a business in the first place, but now you are getting nervous as you send in your resignation letter. After all you have no business experience, you don’t know where to start, you are being told is so hard to compete in the industry today. The more you think that life is being unfair to you the worse you will feel. Say you have started your own business and the office is slow, so you will keep thinking to yourself that it might not have been a good move.

It is simple. IGNORE IT ALL! Understand that many other ODs have been in the same situation. Things take time to build. In corporate optometry you should have the flexibility to work at other locations to gain revenue while you build that other location. You should NEVER be losing income in a corporate optometry sublease. 

What you really need to do is understand that your problem is not as big as the voice inside your head keeps telling you so. The voice inside your head will say that “you should have never given your notice  from that comfortable employment job.  You need to work hard and use that as motivation to seek success with even more determination.
Become aware of the fear-inducing thoughts that are making your business life difficult. Explore your consequences, be aware of alternative paths to a problem, and take small steps towards it.  Many corporate opticals are part time subleases, you can still work as an employed OD at another location until you become comfortable in being sublease full time.   There are many free resources to help you start and grow your optometric business. There are many mentors in optometry to guide you as well. The Corporate Optometry Facebook group is a great resource to talk to other ODs and find guidance as you go through the steps. It is normal to be nervous about taking the next step in your career.   Remind them that you WILL BE a successful optometry business and there is not setback or challenge that you can handle!

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