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How to Handle Career Blocks

With so many changes in working conditions over the last few years, it shouldn’t be a surprise that many of us feel isolated, burnt out, or stuck in our jobs. Maybe you aren’t growing your career as quickly as you wanted because of a lack of interactions or opportunities amid the ongoing issues. Or perhaps…

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Pressure That Comes with Being an Optometrist

The job of an optometrist is usually considered to be easy and one with very low levels of stress. While that assumption is true to a large extent, some stressors can make the job pressurizing. Although what an optometrist does is relatively simple, the job’s nature becomes monotonous, making it a challenging task. Below are…

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Overcoming some Challenges in Corporate Optometry

You get to enjoy many perks as a corporate OD. A steady paycheck, insight into the business processes, already established patients, just to name a few. But the field of corporate optometry comes with its own set of challenges. You may already know about the limited space provided to corporate ODs for their practice. It…

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Why Some Corporate Locations might have higher Turn Over.

One of the major concerns for employers is their associate ODs transfer or exit. All associate ODs hired seem to leave after a while for a couple of reasons. This certainly isn’t very well for the business, as the outflow of associate optometrists can cause patients to turn away too. Every associate optometrist has reasons…

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The future of Optometry will include Telemedicine.

virtual appointment with a doctor

You might think the practice of tele-optometry has been necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic. That because everything is going down the virtual route, it only makes sense for some aspects of the healthcare industry to follow suit. The truth is, tele-optometry has been around since retinal imaging was taken at the VA almost 20 years…

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Advantages of Being an Underdog.

Being an Underdog: Benefits and How to Accomplish Bigger Achievements Being an underdog often seems like an insult. The ones who label others as underdogs also mean it as an insult. However, being an underdog isn’t as bad it seems. It has quite a few advantages if one plays their cards right. For starters, they…

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Everything You Need to Know About Optometry Contracts

reviewing and signing a contract

Employment contracts hold significant importance regardless of the industry you’re working in. They outline details about the position you’re interviewing for. Because you’re going to be signing this important document, you must understand its ins and outs. You should clarify anything that is ambiguous or requires further explanation to the employer. This is pivotal because contracts are binding;…

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