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Planning a 2021 Strategy for Your Optometry Practice

The New Year is the perfect time to plan a fresh strategy for your optometry practice. A sound understanding of your competition, threats, strengths and weaknesses is imperative to increase business revenue and profitability. A well-thought-out approach will help you determine your standing in the market and understand emerging trends. Here is a step-by-step process…

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5 Ways To Manage Stress At Your Optometry Practice

An optometrist experiencing stress

The modern optometrist has to deal with an influx of patients, manage their staff, and may have to raise a family at the same time. On top of that, they have to invest in state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to keep up with the latest trends. These are just some of the factors an optometrist may have…

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Bringing the Joy to Eye Care

Dr Leah Thorpe’s experience with Bailey Nelson. As a new Waterloo grad in 2012 I was thrilled to land a job that I loved right out of school. I was eager to start building my practice in a busy office in downtown Saskatoon, alongside a team of wonderful optometrists. I followed my husband to Calgary…

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Women’s Leadership Gap

The gap in women’s leadership gap is a serious issue. According to a report published by the Center for American Progress, only 5% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women. In the case of other top management positions, women are just 7% of all executives in large and small-scale organizations combined and in optometry the numbers…

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Decoding the Toxic Workplace

Dealing with a toxic workplace can drain you of your mental and physical energy really fast. Gender discrimination, passive-aggressive communication, forced overwork, etc., are all signs of a toxic work environment. Whether you have felt toxicity spreading among your employees or are trapped in a toxic optometry practice yourself, protecting your mental health should be…

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