5 Ways to Design Your Waiting Room to Provide the Ultimate Patient Experience

As an optometrist, you have to understand it’s difficult for patients to get treatments as they’re pretty scared. So, it’s your job to make them feel at ease while giving them quality healthcare. Your service as an optometrist starts when your patients wait for their turn in the waiting lounge.

So, to make them feel more comfortable, you need to design a facility that calms your patients down. Your patients are already intimidated because they’re visiting a doctor, so the waiting lounge has to be furnished and designed not to make them feel worse. Let’s look at what your office needs to be furnished adequately.

Comfortable Furniture

It’s crucial to get furniture that makes your patients feel comfortable. Chairs or sofas that are inviting with bright and neutral colors. If the furniture is bland and depressing, your patients will feel worse about seeing an optometrist. It’s your job as an optometrist to make them feel comfortable from the get-go, so investing in comfortable pieces of furniture is a must. Uncomfortable furniture can make your patients’ wait more inconvenient.

Natural Lights

The best way to make the atmosphere more relaxing and calmer is to install large windows to get the best natural light in the waiting room. Another way to get natural light is by installing skylights. However, that depends on the size of the waiting room. Please know natural light is much better than having fluorescent bulbs. Your patients will feel more welcomed and at ease by being around in lights that don’t intimidate them.

Background Noise

A waiting room with no background noise can make it super uncomfortable for your patients. Too much silence isn’t good in a waiting room, as your patients might get more anxious than they already are. So, to make them feel more relaxed, you can have a water fountain installed. Another way to fill the silence is by playing soft and calming background music. The more calming your waiting room is, the better your patients’ experience will turn out to be.

Plants and Flowers

Another way to make your waiting room more inviting is by getting beautiful plants and flowers. Nothing screams warmth more than getting some plants. They automatically enhance the vibe and aesthetics of the room. Also, it’ll help to get more decorative pieces to make the waiting room look more likely. You can get soft rugs, art pieces for the wall, beautiful vases to compliment the flower pots, etc. The more time and effort you put into decorating your waiting room, the better the service you’ll provide to your patients.


It’s always nice to distract your patients while they wait for their turn in the waiting room. The best way is to place sufficient reading material, such as books, magazines, and newspapers, to keep them occupied. Your patients will always feel better when they have something to keep them company. They’ll be less scared and more distracted if they have a good book or a fun magazine by their side. The point is to turn your waiting room into a living room.

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