Why Your Side Hustle Can Hold Your Career Back in Optometry

As exciting as having a side hustle is, it can negatively impact your career as an optometrist. Optometrists enjoy above average salaries, after completing 4 years of optometry school. Why not work as a fill in OD to supplement income? The nine-to-five grind isn’t for everyone. As exciting as having an additional source of income…

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How You Can Increase Speed to Increase Productivity

When someone tells you to work faster, it typically never helps because all it does is induce anxiety and stress, and rush you to make mistakes. However, the evolving landscape of the eye care market requires optometrists and practices to increase their productivity or production.The best way to do this is to increase speed. In…

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Improve your Website SEO

There are many ways to improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and increase your website’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). Here are some tips: Conduct Keyword Research: Identify relevant and popular keywords that your target audience is searching for and integrate them into your website’s content. Create Quality Content: Focus on creating high-quality,…

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6 Ways Employers can Empower their People

Multiracial coworkers discussing a project

Encourage and empower: One of the most effective ways to elevate people is to provide them with the encouragement and empowerment they need to achieve their goals. This can involve providing them with resources, mentorship, and support that helps them build confidence and develop their skills. Offer opportunities: People can be elevated by offering them…

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