Your Work Environment Matters. Inside look to Bailey Nelson

The great leadership guru Simon Sinek has said, a company’s Culture and Values need to be more than something written on a wall at corporate headquarters. It needs to be lived and nurtured by everyone. 

From my initial conversations with the cofounder and the leadership team to now working and meeting people in every role in the company, I see first hand that Bailey Nelson’s values to “constantly improve”, “being down to earth” and “tight knit” make us special 

How does an optical company’s values and culture affect your optometry practice? 

In job satisfaction surveys, a positive work environment and great culture often rank higher than salary. Optometrists are not immune to this factor. 

I decided to ask some of our independent ODs why they like partnering with Bailey Nelson. 

“I really appreciate when I hear them asking customers if they’ve had a recent eye exam. It’s awesome to know they also view customers as potential patients for me.” 

Dr Desiree Vanderstar, Chinook Centre, Calgary 

“I have had numerous patients report to me that the ambience of the clinic and the nature of the team made their visit a much more relaxed experience than anticipated, alleviating the anxiety of patients who fear having eye exams and have deferred them for years.”

Dr Nieka Sabeti,  Robson St, Vancouver

“I like the culture Bailey Nelson promotes which reflects in the awesome store atmosphere and great people you get to work with. My best experiences so far have been meeting and working with various people in the company who come from different backgrounds and cultures.”

Dr Syed Moosavi, Yonge Street, Toronto

“I really like the team environment at Bailey Nelson. Even though we’re independent practices, it’s really nice having the flexibility of bouncing ideas and concerns with the team so that our clients and patients have a good eye experience.”

Dr Anita Gan,  Park Royal, Vancouver 

“I really enjoy taking ownership of the practice because I was able to translate my passion for patient care to a complete customer experience. Bailey Nelson supports their ODs to practice the best way possible and is always helpful whenever help is needed. With the company value being tight knit, down to earth and to constantly improve, I know we will constantly work together to elevate customer experience and move forward in a positive direction.” 

Dr Amy Zhang, Eaton Centre, Toronto. 

Bailey Nelson brings the joy to eyecare. We’ve created a culture which understands that associates and optometrists are happiest when they can be themselves. Being yourself can be something simple like wearing bright colors or telling corny (or as I say “cornea” optometry jokes), to having the time to educate your patients, not rushed by an appointment book you don’t control. 

Our lease agreement includes staff support. You don’t have the stress of finding the right people and training them. You don’t have to worry that the optical has different priorities in hiring than you’d have. We build exceptional teams based on our values.

Being in an environment where you are surrounded by people with a common goal of becoming the most loved brand in optometry and eyewear, truly makes a difference for your patients and for you.

When you are choosing a place to practice, remember that culture and environment do matter.

We are expanding throughout Canada.

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For more information about opportunities with Bailey Nelson contact me. 

Laurie Lesser, O.D. 

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