Why ODs Choose to Partner with For Eyes

For Eyes has been a great partner to ODs over the years, since 1972!  They admire ODs for their skills and abilities and are especially supportive of the noble profession which they are pursuing – serving humanity by treating ocular diseases and refractive issues.

But call it pre-formed notions or a stereotypical mindset; ODs can often be right in their own stance when they say they don’t feel very much appreciated by corporate backed optical.

So, whether you run a sublease or are employed by corporate optometry, if you disagree with such thoughts then make ODs feel welcome in corporate optical.

There are so many choices ODs have to partner with why not find why For Eyes could be the position for you!

Here are a few ways For Eyes shows that they value ODs:

Be interested

If an OD applies to work with a corporate optical, let them know you are interested to hire them.

Besides teaching them about the workplace, seek to develop a strong relationship by truly getting to know them. Ask what they are passionate about and what their expectations are from the workplace and what they really want to achieve in life. Developing them will also help the optical business and will keep ODs invested in the business as well.

Invest in them

ODs often want to pursue further specialization or other training to enhance their skills set. Invest in practice management resources and education that can keep them up-to-date.

Provide them the relevant opportunities by either allowing them to flex down hours when volume is lacking or ramp up when volume is high. 

For Eyes encourages ODs to practice the way they want and explore the option of multiple subleases.

Acknowledge their efforts

Everybody loves to be complimented. Let the ODs know that you appreciate their work and efforts by giving them the due credit.

You can appreciate them by giving them bonuses, paid leaves, or any other monetary or non-monetary benefits such as certificates or even acknowledging them publicly.

Displaying a relevant message in your workplace for others to see or sending in a word of recommendation to important constituencies will motivate ODs to work even harder.

Provide constructive feedback

Customer reviews are another method as they give an overview of a single meeting with the OD.

As you are likely to spend more time with them, truthfully but politely, inform the ODs what you really think about their work and practice.

Praise them for what they do right without being offensive, suggest what they shall improve upon.

Let ODs feel free to express their opinions on the company and office culture. An OD that feels part of something will do more than an OD that feels like their only reason to be there is to refract.

Want to find out about new opportunities with For Eyes? Email us at Corporate Optometry Careers at corporateoptometry@gmail.com

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