Why Millennials Might Choose Corporate Optometry

Reasons Millennials Might Choose Corporate Optometry

Coming out of school it might be hard to decide where to start in one’s career. However, there are many options and roads one can take to be successful. Here are some reasons why new grads might choose to work in corporate optometry.

A Lack of Savings. Most of us come out of schooling with high amount of loans. Young grads are looking to get married or buy houses. However, they may not have a big enough savings account to do those things. Working in corporate optometry gives them an opportunity to have a fixed pay check. A lot of offices are willing to give out 40 hours a week with benefits and this can be a tremendous help towards building up a savings account. Additionally, you can get even more hours on days off by working at a corporate office.

Growing Debt. When there are loans and bills to pay, debt can easily begin to grow. By working in corporate optometry, a new grad can work hard and make more money to help pay off these debts. Corporate optometry is certainly a better sector for that because you can start to get your feet wet in the industry. You’ll get employed and then you can even consider turning over into a sublease agreement. You’ll be able to get some patients, know your patient, and it may have more risk, but you’ll have learned the business in the process.

A Need for Stability. As a new grad the first thing you might be looking for is stability. A place to get comfortable and begin building your career and getting a name for yourself. Corporate opticals aren’t going anywhere any time soon. You know what the optical is grossing and how long they have been growing. It’s hard to lose a job when you’re firmly in place within the optical, so having this job security can be a great help towards stabilizing your goals and vision for the future. There’s a lot less risk in corporate optometry. You have a place to build your name, confidence, skills, experience. You can take that and work as a corporate optometrist. Even if you transfer to a sublease the risk is minimal as your business knowledge expands.

Employment Model.  A recent study found that millennials would prefer employment over self employment. Corporate Optometry employment varies by state laws and corporate optical models. Corporate Optometry positions offer generous salaries and benefits. It would be very appealing to young graduates. ODs would enjoy providing clinical care to their patients without any admin duties.

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