Ways to Leverage Social Media to Get a Job in Optometry

When it comes to finding your dream job in today’s highly competitive market, it goes without saying that most of your effort must be focused on an online hunt. Even if you are on old-school optometrist who prefers traditional print media ads, you must know that online presence plays a vital role in increasing your chances of finding the right job.

Take a look at the following tips to find a job by using social media.

Get Organized

If you want to maximize your chances of finding a job in optometry by using social media, then it is important that first and foremost, you get organized and set things right. This means that you need to thoroughly check your activity on online platforms and maintain your profile in a manner that will create a great first impression on potential employers.

Scroll through your activity log and delete anything and everything that might be seen as controversial and affects your image. Delete statuses and/ or pictures you might have posted mindlessly. Also, remove snarly comments and other similar stuff. The key is to replace meaningless posts with things that will help you outshine in the online world.

Did you get any rewards or certificates in the optometry school? Are there any notable projects or courses that you successfully completed? Remember to share such achievements on your wall.

Increase Your Cyber Footprint

To increase your prominence on social media and to ensure that recruiters can find your profile easily, it is important to take certain measures such as those mentioned below.

* Use your real name – Avoid using nicknames or any other screen-names that people often use to look ‘cool.’

* Change the privacy setting to ‘public’ – If you don’t want your online activity to be visible to everyone, make sure that at least all career-related posts are viewable by even those outside of your contact list.

* Use SEO techniques – To give your profile a further boost by searching for some basic SEO techniques and apply them accordingly to ensure that your profile appears amongst the top search results.

Improve Networking

A lone wolf cannot survive in the online world. You must build connections if you want to find an optometry job using social media.

If you attended workshops or seminars and know any professionals from your field, get in touch with them through these digital platforms. Send them a private message informing who you are, your aims and objectives as this can turn into job referrals or job references later on.

Participate Actively

To truly leverage social media to secure a job in optometry, polishing your profile is not enough. You need to ensure active participation in important events and with the right personnel.

Join your industry related groups and discussion forum, like and subscribe to relevant pages and show your interest in current events. Engaging with ODs and other people serving in the field of optometry will raise your chances of finding a good job like nothing else.

Follow Your Future Employers

If you are serious about finding a job in optometry, then you must already have a list of certain companies and/ or practitioners that you want to work with. Follow them and their pages, like their pages and retweet their posts. This makes it clear to the employers that you are far more interested than other less-active applicants.

Using social to get an optometry job is easier said than done. It is not a one and done task where you can set your profile once and then forget about it, hoping the right employment offer will find its way to you. Instead, it requires continuous efforts, staying up-to-date and following all the above-mentioned tips.

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