Understanding Your Value Proposition as an OD in Corporate Optometry

Have you considered what your value proposition is in corporate optometry? A value proposition is a promise you are providing to your employer or optical partner to make the business, not only more profitable but better for its future success. Understanding and being confident in your own value proposition can be a great advantage to you when marketing yourself. By knowing what your value proposition is and scaling it, you can make yourself invaluable to any company. Ask yourself these questions.

Do you know your value?  You need to understand that your value as an optometrist starts with you. It is a battle out there to get top talent, but your skills are very marketable. Differentiation is crucial to compete in corporate optometry. It is your own personal brand that will separate you from other candidates. Your value is not based on the lowest exam fees or working certain hours but reducing cost,  being efficient, having less remakes, reducing risk and building a business. You must provide convenience to your potential patients whether it be the ability to see walk ins or communicate digitally with them. As an OD, being easily accessible is a value proposition in health care.

Are you engaged?  Many times, OD engagement is low whether it be open rate on emails, attendance to company events or providing information resources to other affiliated ODs. If you are a person that wants to be involved that is a value proposition to the corporate optical. You provide a sense of camaraderie among your fellow Corporate ODs. The more you engage with the community, make connections and build professional relationships the better your value proposition will be.

What are your skills? You are not there to just refract, if that is the focus, then your value proposition is no different than anyone else. It is incredibly valuable to be able to work well with others and have a communication style or personality that patients can relate to and feel comfortable with. Communication is important not only with your patients but within your business, so having great interpersonal communication skills is an asset. Additionally, your experience is your best asset. Your clinical knowledge business skills, ability to adapt to different situations and travel among locations are critical assets. Having multiple state licenses, practicing to the highest ability of your license while getting the job done is all part of your value proposition as an OD and its your job to market those skills. You want to be able to deliver and create a reputation that precedes you.

Can you talk the talk? You need to be able to speak the language. What is the corporate optical looking for? Revenue focused conversations can easily be used in healthcare to show how your affiliation can help reach initiatives and goals of that office. Talk about how you can increase revenue, decrease costs, and create efficiency. There are certain buzz words that really catch the eye within the industry, so if you need to know how to use them. Have conversations about how you can improve capture rate and per patient transactions with doctor driven dispensing. Your propositions will create measurable results. It is vital to be specific on what you are bringing to the partnership and what you want to gain from your affiliation. It’s a two-way street and by being open and honest you can get the most from your partnership.

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