Two Reasons Why Young ODs Should Join Corporate Optometry

Young OD’s go through the long haul of optometry school to soak in as much information as possible about optometry, putting every ounce of energy they have left into clinicals, and finally passing boards. Yet, once all is said and done they may find that they simply do not have the experience or skillset needed to start their own practice. This entails learning how to find and keep a patient base happy and taking on new administrative duties. This is where looking towards Corporate Optometry can really help.

Learn the Business.

As a young OD, joining Corporate Optometry you to truly learn the business and see if it’s for you. Ultimately, this allows you to decide whether this will be the right career path or if they should pursue other options. It’s one of the best ways to see how a well-oiled machine functions and will allow you to understand how you can build and administrate your own business. While working with corporate you’ll learn how to work with merchandising, inventory control, price points, and selling strategies for high capture rate. Find the entrepreneur in yourself and see if the optometric business is for you.

Clinical Skills.

Joining Corporate Optometry allows you to learn the optical side of things from seasoned professionals. This is valuable knowledge to gain, since it is not something that many young ODs get in optometry school.  Having access to high end technology and a wide variety of patients will grow your clinical skills. Learning how to communicate with patients and meeting many patients gives you the skills and experience you need to build and keep a patient base of your own. Furthermore, you’ll get practice with contact lenses. You’ll find yourself fitting a lot of toric and multifocal contacts and being able to trouble shoot problematic contact lens fits more efficiently.  In the corporate setting you’ll get patients that come from specialty clinics or other ophthalmologic offices and administering primary care to these patients allows you to learn stages of disease as you monitor them over the years. Along with this, you’ll be able to peek at the back and learn treatment process for patients that are high risk.

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  1. Dim Canice on December 28, 2019 at 2:43 pm

    let’s endeavor to create optometry mentoring program for young optometrist, this will help them to know more and learn from experienced optometrist..

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