Tug of War : Work-Life Balance in Optometry

There is no distinguishing between work and life when you start working as a new graduate . You need work to to jump start your career. There will be  anxieties,  deadlines, and the stress of the work and life have now morphed together to form a single entity. There will be times that you work more hours a week then you will have to yourself. It is ok if there if it is not an exact balance every week. Managing your time to do what is needed in your career early on will set the pathway for future success and more time to do what you love to do in the future.

At one point it feels like you will have to give up either one of the two, to have the other. A lot of career oriented ODs are led to believe that they cannot have a family life if they wish to have a successful career and family oriented people start believing that they are cannot have a proper career if they want to have family.

However, this does not mean that you cannot HAVE a work-life balance. This entails quite a lot. It is all about layers and the combinations of the two that you have to do in your everyday life that allows you to take both of the aspect of your life together. You will have to find ways to acknowledge at what moment an element of your life is more important than the other.

For example, if you are working and your child’s school calls, you will take it. If you have to attend a play or a performance that your child’s school has organized and your child has taken part, then make time to attend it. Optometrists are blessed with the ability to of being able to decide how much load they take on.

This is why the next you get a sudden call from from the office or business partner during your family dinner, do not be hesitant to take it. However, if it exceeds 5 minutes then make sure to ask the patient to call later, or promise them that you will contact them after dinner.

Make sure you do give them a call soon after. This will help build trust in you. This is extremely important. Whether you are your own boss or are working under the boss, if you are asking for some time off to give to your family and tell them that you will conduct the rest of your business from home, then make sure to do it in a manner that the quality of the work you do at home is as good as the one you produce in the office.

If you are a leader, then you are in an ideal position to convey the work life balance message to your employees. As the optometrist who owns the business you will have to design and communicate the firm’s mission, vision, and goals clearly to your employees. If you wish to instill the belief of leaving work on time to have a proper personal life, then you will have to practice that yourself.

If you a believer that a person needs to leave work at office off time, so they are better able to give time to their family, then you have to leave at whatever time you have set for the office to be closed. It is only this way that you can help the employees find a way to be more conscious of this concept.

Work-Life balance is a constant tug of war game. There will be times where work will over power the week or even month, but taking the time to enjoy what you like to do and spending time with your family during the non peak seasons in optometry will help with a fulfilling work-life balance.

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