Top 5 Secrets to Writing A Powerful Job Post

Top 5 Secrets to Writing a Powerful Job Post

If you are tired of inviting the wrong traffic (unqualified or non-relevant candidates) or are upset about receiving no traffic at all on your recent job posting, chances are your job post is not well written to attract the right attention.

While following a set job post template may be a safe choice, it is not as effective as writing your own job post using these top 5 secrets listed below.

  1. Make your job post Search Engine Optimized

Job seekers usually search for jobs using specific keywords such as ‘jobs for marketing manager’ or job tags for relevant industries such as ‘healthcare’ or ‘pharmaceuticals.’

Moreover, a job posted online is ranked higher on the internet when it contains the relevant keywords/ job tags. Therefore, using relevant keywords and job tags is the most effective way of getting recognized by the right candidates.

  • Write familiar yet informative job titles

Like any given piece of writing, a job post also requires a comprehensive title. Being the first thing a job seeker sees, the job title needs to give them a clear idea of what the job is about and if they shall read any further.

While it’s important to ensure that your job title is easily recognizable and often searched, it should not be vague/ generic. So instead of it just being ‘Business Analyst,’ it should specify the area or department such as ‘Business Analyst – Legal Wing.’  

  • Write a Descriptive JD covering all major elements

Your details of the position should clearly communicate what you are looking for in the candidate, so they can also identify if they will be a right fit.

 Instead of just posting a list of tasks, identify the long-term goals, expected behavior, and personality fit that the ideal candidate needs.

  • Communicate why candidates should choose you

A major point that employers miss out on is to make their organization appear attractive, tell applicants why they are great, and show off any achievements or accreditation they may have. In some cases, it may even just be the brand’s logo.

Your job post is one of several others on the internet and so it needs to grab the right candidate’s attention. While it is important to communicate what you are looking for, it is equally crucial to mention what the job seeker will get by becoming a part of your organization.

  • Use professional formatting and structure.

Avoid writing in ALL CAPS or haphazardly presenting the information. Instead, make sure the job post looks presentable and has a logical flow to the information provided.

These practices help your job posting look credible and authentic instead of coming off as shady or spam. 

Writing a job post may come off as a relatively simple task. However, due to the plethora of job postings on the internet – it can be difficult to stand out for the right candidates. Nevertheless, with these simple yet highly effective tips – you can write a powerful job post.

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