Top 4 Tricks for Corporate Optometry Networking

In the corporate world, the secret to success is based on the people you know. Learn the secrets used by professionals to build business connections and get ahead in corporate optometry.

1. Have Something to Talk About

Don’t just go up to someone you want to connect with without having anything to say to them. Do your research about what they do, any great achievements they have and what you admire about them (or their work). Make your conversation memorable by building a connection.

Try to find common ground, something which the other person can relate to so once you leave, they’ll still remember your name. Provide your business card and get their card.

Make sure that you are present and focused during the conversation. It’s a good idea to take quick notes in your phone after you’re done so that you remember what to say when you follow up on your conversation. You never know, you might be talking to your future employer!

2. Follow Up

Don’t think that by following up on a conversation, you’re crowding and suffocating the other person. On the other hand, don’t be too forward either. Some professionals suggest that if you haven’t been reached out in 2 days, then take the first step. Waiting longer than 48 hours will give off a “don’t care” vibe and that’s never a good thing.

With the advent of the digital age, you can connect with relevant new corporate connections through LinkedIn, Twitter or some other social arenas. Even a simple ‘thank you’ email will do the job.

3. Make Conversations about the OD perceptive of the Brand

For starters, even if you’re meeting someone for the first time and didn’t have the chance to do prior research, don’t start off by asking them about their job. Start off by finding some common ground and make them feel relaxed enough that the conversation naturally flows to the nature of their job. Provide some insight on your perspective and other ODs perceptive of corporate optometry. Provide them with your business card and connect with them on LinkedIn after meet them.

4. Be Confident In Yourself

We know, it sounds a little cliché, but confidence is probably the most important tool you have to make a lasting impression. Be convinced that what you say is valuable. If you meet someone with confidence and ask a question, it is highly unlikely that they’ll turn away. Impress a potential business connection with your drive, passion and motivation. Show them that you’re a go-getter.

Even if you’re an introvert, these networking tips can help you overcome your fears and connect successfully. Corporate opticals are looking for ODs that are motivated with a business mindset. They are looking for partners that are want to grow.

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