Tips on Negotiating terms to your Sublease in Corporate Optometry.

Well, you’re not the only one. Negotiations can be intimidating for majority of the people. Unethical behavior, threats, making demands in an imperious way will get you nowhere. What you have to understand is that negotiations are not about winning a fight. The focus should be on reaching a mutual agreement.

While negotiating, you don’t want to sound too greedy neither too lenient.

With 5 simple tips to master the art of negotiation you’ll be closing sublease deals in your favor in no time!

1. Speak Less, Listen More

Always give the other party a chance to talk. Listen to what they have to say. Without knowing their needs or offer, you possibly cannot reach a mutual agreement. Ask questions; get to know them better before jumping to any conclusions. You should already have a clear understanding about your own necessities. Once you get a clear idea of their requirements, you’ll be able to keep both your needs in mind and negotiate accordingly.

2. In this Case You Don’t Snooze and Lose

It’s important to take your time. You don’t need to rush into making any decisions. You don’t have to reach a settlement on the negotiation then and there. Once you’ve understood their needs, take your own good time to compare them with yours. So think every decision through thoroughly. Don’t make any hasty judgment calls that you’ll regret later. If they say they have other candidates and the location has been dark for a long period of time, you usually have the upper hand.

3. It’s a Partnership

Suppose that you have offered a great sublease by a corporate optical that has higher expectations than you expected or were told.. Never give in instantly; else they’ll think that you want it. Instead ask for something in return, like an extension on making a decision and come back with a different offer on hours, rent and other terms in your contract. You are signing a partnership agree, it needs to be mutually beneficial.

Remember, it’s not all about you. Think and decide how to make it a win-win decision. After all, a good negotiation should result in both parties being completely satisfied.

4. Do Your Homework

Search for common grounds. Find out the terms that work best for you as well as the other party. Figure out a way to frame negotiations in the correct manner.

You need to know how to use the requirements of the other party to your advantage.

5. Learn to Say No

Calculate your needs, the money you’re willing to spend, the time you’re prepared to invest and most importantly decide when to let go of a deal. You should be able to walk away from deals that you are not completely satisfied with. During negotiations, keep your emotions aside. Make your needs your priority, not your wants. Understand when it’s time to move on to other options. Practice makes perfect. It is go to talk to different companies about subleasing to learn what different companies offer even though you might not be looking. It is a great learning experience and can practice negotiating. Apply these tips and techniques to your practical life and before you know it, you’ll master the art of negotiation

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