Tips on Finding the Right Eye Care Practice in Corporate Optometry

You don’t need to have perfect eyesight to  know that the future of corporate optometry is bright and promising.

Whether you are a new OD looking for ways to enter the sublease world or an existing practitioner who wants to expand their locations in corporate optometry consider certain factors to choose the right practice.

Prioritize first

First and foremost, prepare a basic list of questions about what it is that you want from the setup, what your goals are, what you hope to achieve from the practice and till when you hope to achieve it.

Do you plan on a long-term investment? Or are you looking for a temporary practice that you plan to sell out later in the future or start a private practice?

Moreover, based on what you want to provide your customers, research the corporate opticals that best fit your criteria.

If you have a clear vision of what you plan to acquire and deliver, finding the appropriate optometry practice to sublet from will become much simpler.

New or old?

Once you decide on the corporate optometry practice that you want to sublease look at how many years the location has been established.

With several corporate opticals running successfully and continuously on the lookout to expand their locations and looking for ODs.

Do your research

Whether you buy a current franchise or open a new sublease it goes without saying that both will require a significant financial investment.

Make sure you do a thorough examination of all the assets and liabilities involved. Establish the practice structure and see if there are any compensation or fringe benefits you might be available.

Seek advice

A wise step will be to seek advice from a financial advisor and optometric consultant. Corporate Optometry Consulting can help guide you.

They are well aware of the intricacies and complications of the business. Discuss all details with an advisor or consult an optometry expert before you make the final call.

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