Tips for Writing a More Effective Job Description

Tips for Writing a More Effective Job Description.

Every employer wants to hire the best, most skilled candidate who is just ideal for the job in every aspect.

But what is often overlooked in the hunt for talent is the importance of a good job description.

If you have vacant positions but hardly receive any applications despite advertising through various channels then it is likely that your job description is not being well received with the audience.

Here are a few tips to create an effective optometry job description to attract the best talent.


An ideal job description should be within 500 words. If you drag it any longer, candidates are likely to lose interest.

Be clear and concise.

Avoid complex terminology  and  get to the point about what you offer and what you want.

Precision and exactness

Candidates will be more interested to apply for a job post if they get to know certain details beforehand.

For instance, mention the post they will be assigned, number of days they will have to work and the times, and who they will have to report to.

An Employer Attitude

You want to encourage candidates to apply in your company and you cannot do that by continuously talking about your practice.

Reduce the number of time the job description uses words such as ‘we, us, our company.’

Address the audience directly for instance, by saying ‘you should apply’ instead of saying ‘the candidate should apply.’

Focus on what you can provide for the applicant.

Keep an eye on Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization plays a very important role in bringing your job description to the right candidate.

You can ensure your ad is displayed amongst the top results on Google and other search engines by following these simple tips.

* Make the job title clear

* Keyword density – use the job title at least 5 times throughout the description

* Place job details first and About Us at the end – Google, as well as candidates, will give more importance to what you put in the beginning. Since the candidates are looking for work, mention those details first.

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