There is No Work-Life Balance. It is a Professional-Personal Synergy.

Work-Life Balance assumes that the two are separate but professional-personal synergy is both scrambled together. You have to love what you do. Your work is part of your life, your family is part of your work. Your decisions in life come from the two. There is a delicate fine line to being happy between the two. You can have a meaningful purpose in your career. The two aspects of you need to be aligned, its not a balance. The amount of hours that you spend on one vs the other should not matter if you are happy with the synergy.

If you do a lot of work make sure its meaningful, that you make a difference . Optometry is a profession to help people you are fortunate to work as much or a little as we want. You determine “stability” in your life . The two go hand and hand, if you are happy with your work your personal life will reflect it and vice versa. Its a constant circle. Take a different perspective on work/life balance with professional-personal synergy.

You might even try to bring a “balance” between work and life but that is impossible to do because a work-life balance in no-way exists.

The reason that this is an unachievable standard is that all of the components are very different in character from each other. This means that the balance is very dynamic and not at a standstill and life is much more complicated than just not working. The work-life balance is a huge fantasy and it might be ruining our life, here’s how:

You are not made of work and life

When they say that humans need to achieve a work-life balance, it means that the human’s existence is made up only of work and life, when that is far from the truth. Life is itself a whole and work is a part of it along with home, community, and the privacy of one’s time. In “life” there is the occurrence of when the person has to choose between what to prioritize and what not to prioritize; it can be work, relationships, privacy, etc. This will be happening every day, year, or month. The perception of working as bad and life as good is a false assumption. The two can be intertwined to create less stress at work that can spill over to your personal life and quality of life.

Balance is never stable

Consider a handstand. When you look at a person, who might be an expert on handstands, doing a handstand they might look very stable from afar. But when you inch closer and have a better look you will find that they are actually moving. They are making micro adjustments either to the left or to the right to keep them straight, even when upside down. This basically means that when you try to balance yourself, or your life, you will topple over momentarily and that is completely fine. We will just need to stop this incessant need to “even” things out. There will be times that you are more career focused and other times that life or personal obligations outweigh your career. Find that synergy.

Accomplishing more with Professional/Personal synergy.

A lot of people believe that a balanced day will mean that you get everything done that very day, which translates to all of the tasks due on the day have been conquered in a short span of time. Even though a lot of people might preach that you have to work at superhuman speed and achieve every single thing in one day; that is not true. If you keep trying to getting everything done in one day, you will end up exhausted & stressed and that is neither sustainable nor healthy. Plan out your tasks to a reasonable goal incorporate your personal life into those goals and set personal goals as well. Try and operate at a high level in the areas that you are lacking. If you have neglected personal relationship make an effort to enhance it but not neglecting your professional career in the process.


Professional-Personal Synergy is doing what you love and have a meaningful contribution to your family and career. If your work is meaningful and fulfilling working 60 hours a work and being passionate about it shouldn’t matter. If you really care about something and pour yourself into it, it can become a purposeful lifestyle that will create a happy personal synergy. Invest in the personal relationships it will create meaningful moments that with bring a positive mindset that will circle back to your professional life.

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