The True Value of an Optometry Sales Rep

Optometry sales reps are also known as practice advocates, growth advisors, territory representatives, and practice development coaches. No matter the name, they always want to get chatting with the optometrist. While a lot of ODs may avoid a meeting with optometry sales reps, it may be because they don’t know the real value they can add to your business.

The thing is that the equipment and products they offer are in your best interest. If you hide from improving your eye clinic, you will only end up becoming an outdated clinic. Patients will move to other businesses that don’t shy away from more effective techniques.

Optometry sales reps can help you get your hands on the latest products and tech that can make your clinic stand out. Here is how they add value to the eye clinic.

You Get Your Money’s Worth

Going for the lowest prices will result in low product quality. However, if you for distributors, they may charge less since they are making it on their own. You should always check out the samples before you approve a product. Good distributors will also replace any products that you don’t think are good enough too.

Worthy of Their Time

If the only reach out to your optometry sales reps when you want discounts on supplies, you are wasting their and your own time. Optometry sales reps work hard to bring you new equipment and supplies. Provide a value for their time and purpose and you will see a benefit on your end.

You might not be looking for a new solution to your practice, but having a regular conversation and providing help to them with other colleagues can be a great advantage to you. Their knowledge of the area and the needs can help you acquire another practice, hire an associate or even information on what a competitor is doing.

Reps Know Patients

Optometry sales reps work on attaining knowledge about eye businesses, so ODs can just focus on their practice. They know what will attract more patients and what products are best for your clients. They know how to cater to patient demands for efficiency and cleanliness.


An optometry sales rep can help you with your long-term goals. This includes things like future equipment and expansion plans. They will also work well with you if they know about your long-term pricing plans. You will be showing loyalty and faith when you consult with your rep, and they will do the same.

Being on the Same Side

You want your optometry sales rep on your side since getting all your supplies from the same place is necessary. With a dedicated rep, you can build a long-term plan that ensures profitability for you and them.

Optometry sales reps can definitely have a huge impact on your bottom line and future plans. They can help you achieve profits like no other eye care business.

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