The Realities of a New Sublease OD

While there are many perks to being a sublease optometrist, going from zero experience professionally to starting your own practice can be scary, and rightfully so.

Let’s debunk some myths about opening your own optometry clinic when you’re fresh out of school.

You Will Be Your Own Boss

Since you will be subleasing, you’ll technically be your own boss. But that doesn’t mean you won’t have to answer to anyone. Being your own boss comes with a lot of responsibilities. You’ll have to make sure everything runs smoothly or you’ll be responsible for the clinical and business aspects of the business. You’ll be solely responsible for customer service issues, building a brand, keeping up a business and providing a seamless experience from your office to the corporate optical.

Your hours of Operation is what best for the patient not your schedule.

Starting your own sublease you are able to negotiate the hours of operation to see patients. The hours and days depends on the optical sales volume. . You’ll have to invest in your office, even though the corporate optical provides most of the equipment. Many ODs would like to work 9-5 and no weekends, but hours of operation should be focused on data and what is best for your patient demographics. Even though many corporate opticals are high volume many see peak volume in the afternoon evening and weekends. To be successful sublease OD the days and hours matter to capture patients in a retail environment.

You Will have to Pay yourself Last.

Before you can think about making a living, you need to make sure you can pay all the bills for your sublease and the salaries of your staff. You may have to sacrifice a lower salary just to sustain your business. As a general rule, you should not be losing money in Corporate optometry. It is actually difficult to do so, because the low over head, no initial investment and many corporate opticals are established. Optometry is a cyclical business learning how to manage your finances will take time if you are a new sublease OD.

It is easier to run a business in corporate optometry will little knowledge than start cold in private practice, just because of all the resources that the corporate optical has to help you succeed.

You Will Have to Delegate Tasks

You can expect to do a lot more than managerial work when you’re starting out. Your staff will need to be trained before you can make any progress. You’ll have to step in when an employee falls short.

You can expect to do anything from administrative work to clinic maintenance. Since no one else is responsible, you need to monitor everything to make sure your little clinic can make it in the long run.

Now that some of these myths have been cleared up, you’ll be more prepared for the challenges that come your way. It is advised, however, to dip your toes in a corporate environment before deciding to become sublease. Sublease is not for everyone but the benefits are tremendous.

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