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The Realities of a New Sublease OD

While there are many perks to being a sublease optometrist, going from zero experience professionally to starting your own practice can be scary, and rightfully so. Let’s debunk some myths about opening your own optometry clinic when you’re fresh out of school. You Will Be Your Own Boss Since you will be subleasing, you’ll technically…

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Is Your Sublease a Glorified Employment Position?

Within corporate optometry, there are many opportunities to become a sublease owner; however, not all of these opportunities are created equally.  Some agreements are not as beneficial to the OD as they should be, and it is important for you as an optometrist to be able to distinguish a good agreement from a bad one…

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5 Mistakes to Avoid as a First-Time Corporate Sublease Owner

As a first-time corporate sublease owner, you may feel excited and ready to assist patients using the skills and knowledge you have developed.  What you may feel less prepared for, however, is creating and evolving a business. While the medical skills learned throughout your optometry education are crucial, business and networking skills that may not…

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