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How New Grads Can Apply For Corporate Optometry Jobs

So, you just graduated  from optometry school you know a world of opportunities and endless possibilities lies ahead of you. Finding the right job in corporate optometry can be difficult. Not all corporate opticals are the same. Many have different packages and requirements. There are many job opportunities in corporate optometry. Many can be found…

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Interviewing Tips for New Graduates in Optometry

Writing a resume and then giving an interview are two of the most crucial stages while you’re out to find a job in corporate optometry. The resume that you put through for any job application will act as the highlight of who you really are to prepare the interviewer probe for more later on. The…

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Tips for Editing your Optometry Resume

Four Tips For Editing Your Optometry Resume Whether you are a new graduate in optometry or you’ve already been working for some time when applying for a new job it’s always a great idea to edit your resume. Properly editing your resume will enhance your possibility of landing the job that you really want. There…

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