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Strategies to help off set inflation in your practice

We are going through one of the worse economic times in recent history. Interest rates are going up, and business expenses and supply costs are rising because of inflation. Staffing is also down as a result of the bad economic situation. Consequently, these struggles can bring down an otherwise thriving practice. Whether you’re a young…

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End Optometry Burnout

Many professionals are still dealing with the stress and aftermath of the global pandemic. Optometrists, in particular, are becoming burned out more than ever. If you are an optometrist facing burnout, it can negatively impact your practice. So, how can you prevent optometry burnout and its subsequent negative impact on your practice? Let’s dive into…

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Embezzlement Protection for Your Practice

Many optometrists ignore or miss out on key administrative and financial elements that can make or break their business. Most professionals outsource or hire others to handle these aspects of their optometry practice. This arrangement works well for many. However, if you are not monitoring your finances, you risk things such as embezzlement. Let’s discuss…

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