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Why Success Depends More on Personality than Intelligence

Does intelligence determine success? You’ll be surprised to learn that, according to a study conducted by James Heckman, a Nobel Laureate, and his colleagues, intelligence doesn’t have much to do with your chances of success. It is your likeability factor. What Do the Findings Suggest? The researchers studied IQ scores, personality assessment tests, standardized test…

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Top 5 Secrets to Writing A Powerful Job Post

Top 5 Secrets to Writing a Powerful Job Post If you are tired of inviting the wrong traffic (unqualified or non-relevant candidates) or are upset about receiving no traffic at all on your recent job posting, chances are your job post is not well written to attract the right attention. While following a set job…

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4 Ways To Communicate Effectively With Patients

An optometrist communicating with her patient

Communication is one of the essential skills an optometrist requires for clinical efficiency. Most of the time, doctors overestimate their communication skills when they graduate, but it becomes vital for their success when faced with real-world cases. Effective communication reflects an optometrist’s knowledge and understanding of a patient’s needs. It allows for a safe environment…

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New Grads Guide to Job Searching

You’ve finally graduated from college, you’ve made it through those tough 4 years, taken all the exams possible, studied hard and you survived it. Congratulations! The excitement to just jump into your field of study and start doing what you love and worked so hard towards is immense, but where do you start? There are…

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The Realities of a New Sublease OD

While there are many perks to being a sublease optometrist, going from zero experience professionally to starting your own practice can be scary, and rightfully so. Let’s debunk some myths about opening your own optometry clinic when you’re fresh out of school. You Will Be Your Own Boss Since you will be subleasing, you’ll technically…

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