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Is Your Sublease a Glorified Employment Position?

Within corporate optometry, there are many opportunities to become a sublease owner; however, not all of these opportunities are created equally.  Some agreements are not as beneficial to the OD as they should be, and it is important for you as an optometrist to be able to distinguish a good agreement from a bad one…

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5 Mistakes to Avoid as a First-Time Corporate Sublease Owner

As a first-time corporate sublease owner, you may feel excited and ready to assist patients using the skills and knowledge you have developed.  What you may feel less prepared for, however, is creating and evolving a business. While the medical skills learned throughout your optometry education are crucial, business and networking skills that may not…

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5 Tips for Climbing the Ladder of Success

The road to success is never just a straight highway. There are plenty of landmines and bunkers on the way, but the trick is to tread skillfully and carefully. Here is everything you need to keep in mind in order to reach the top. 1. Learn to Delegate Often, we feel that in order to…

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