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Is Your Sublease a Glorified Employment Position?

Within corporate optometry, there are many opportunities to become a sublease owner; however, not all of these opportunities are created equally.  Some agreements are not as beneficial to the OD as they should be, and it is important for you as an optometrist to be able to distinguish a good agreement from a bad one…

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5 Things ODs Value The Most In Corporate Optometry

It is true that most individuals accept a job based upon the salary they are being offered from that place. However, as time goes on, there are more things these individuals begin to value. In addition to the salary, there are some other factors that can keep an individual hooked to their workplace. Here are…

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Why Millennials Might Choose Corporate Optometry

Reasons Millennials Might Choose Corporate Optometry Coming out of school it might be hard to decide where to start in one’s career. However, there are many options and roads one can take to be successful. Here are some reasons why new grads might choose to work in corporate optometry. A Lack of Savings. Most of…

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