Surefire Ways to Turn an Optometry Internship into a Full Time Job

Are you loving every day at your internship? Is your internship about to end and all you want is to turn your internship into a full time job? If this sounds like you, then take notes from the following article where we discuss some smart tips on turning an internship into a full time job. Treat It Like a Real Job Not many students realize this, but when a company offers them an internship opportunity, most of the employers are already planning on hiring them as full-time employees in the future. You might not consider an internship to be a very big deal, but chances are that your manager views it as a real-life examination where they can observe and analyze whether you have the potential to serve the organization as a dedicated employee. Which is why you need to give it your best shot. You might be juggling classes and assignments at the same time but try to be punctual despite your packed schedule. Rise above the challenge and prove your ability to handle difficult tasks and excel at projects assigned to you. Think Ahead Unless you view an internship as more than a ‘learning experience,’ you cannot set yourself up for success. An internship gives the candidate a view of the real corporate world from an extremely close vantage point. It provides you a platform from where you can put all your skills to test and apply the textbook knowledge that you have gained so far. It’s not about getting an A grade on a report card anymore. As a practicing optometrist, you need to understand your patients, treat them in the best manner, ensure they are satisfied and maintain professionalism all the while. You might be a top student in your class, but if you cannot tackle the requirements at the workplace, then good grades alone cannot help in turning an internship into a full time job. Socialize You might be aware of the importance of networking when it comes to finding and securing a job at a great place. While working as an intern, remember to make the maximum use of the opportunity to make friends and build connections. Be it your seniors or juniors, interact with everyone around you. Engage in productive discussions, share your ideas, learn from your colleagues’ experiences and spend quality time with your supervisor as well. Participate in ongoing activities and establish yourself as an active and enthusiastic optometrist. Reflect It doesn’t matter if you are an intern at a corporate optometry firm, a private practitioner or any other similar place because one thing common to all scenarios – you will gain exposure to different areas within the field of optometry. Use this opportunity to analyze and evaluate your career goals. Did you enjoy serving in corporate optometry? Were you excited to help a vast pool of patients and treat a variety of ocular issue? If you liked spending a few weeks at a corporate optometry firm, then perhaps it’s time to reconsider whether you still want to run an independent clinic after graduating. Leave a Positive Note If you really want to turn your internship into a full time job, then do not hesitate to convey the same to your supervisor. Let them know that you are grateful for the experience and would like to continue working with them if given the chance. Above all, it is important to stay in touch with the relevant personnel even if you do not get an offer immediately. A vacancy might be created in the future, and you might blow your chances of turning an internship into a full time job if the employer is unable to contact you.

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