Signs That You Might Be Getting Terminated

Nothing’s more grim than hearing ‘we need to talk’, especially if the order comes from a regional manager or an HR representative at work.

Whether you love your current job or not, it goes without saying that no one likes getting their lease terminated. However, laying off executives, ODs and opticians is nothing unusual, especially in corporate optometry. More often than not, it’s actually necessary – not just for the organization, but also for the individual as getting fired can be a humbling experience. Although hindsight is 20/20 and you are likely to get valuable lessons from such an incident, the fact is that a sudden arrival of such news can be a major setback.

If you love your job or at least want to continue working until you decide that it’s time to leave, then take a look at the following warning signs of getting terminated to make sure that you have nothing to worry about.

Communication is lacking

When it comes to corporate optometry, many eye care professionals can go from one company to another. If you are satisfied with the job, it might be hard to believe that you are disposable. But the fact is that every business wants to stay profitable in the long run. If you are not adding value to the company, then it is likely that you might be terminated. What is your value proposition?

Analyze how you are benefiting the organization. Do you play a significant role in the workplace or just fulfill the minor tasks assigned to you daily?

As a sublease owner, know when your lease renewal is coming up. Typically a meeting is set up with the sublease OD before the renewal to make changes. If communication is lacking with the regional manager and optical staff there might be changes coming to that sublease. Pay attention to social cues. Ask questions, many times others know if a termination is coming.

How Replaceable are you?

Are you an OD who is only serving a minor role in your employment or sublease? Is it possible that someone with less experience than you can also complete the same work successfully?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above two questions, then you yourself ought to know what that means. If your particular skill set isn’t being used at your job or you are being underpaid, working hours that others won’t, then it may mean that you were hired under strenuous circumstances and can be replaced when a more suitable candidate shows up. It may seem hard to believe but this is how business psychology works.

As for sublease ODs, evaluate how long you have been at that office. Follow the Corporate Optometry on Facebook group to find out trends in the industry and by each company within a brand.

Routine changes

No one likes to come off as the ‘bad’ person especially when it comes to breaking the bad news to an employee or sublease owner. So, if your regional manager keeps showing up at random times talking the the office manager and recording patient volume, capture rates, conversions, medical eye exams ,year to date sales then those should be signs of up coming changes. Many times optical staff has a lot to do with it. What is good for one employee or sublease should be equal for all. Termination letters will be sent to your home address unannounced or a scheduled call with professional services will happen to discuss your termination.

If you are an OD or anyone else pursuing a career in optometry, then no doubt you are very far-sighted as you have selected a really promising field. But remember to consider things from a different perspective every now and then as always viewing the world through your own lens can lead to disastrous results.

Keep a vigilant eye on these signs of getting fired and if the path on your current job looks blurred, do not hesitate to revamp your CV and start looking for better alternatives. After all, the future is bright for you!

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