Mahsa Masoudi

2nd Year Optometry Student & Leader
2nd Year Optometry Student & Leader
  • Albany, CA
  • October 25, 2018

I have abundant experience in a variety of fields stemming from my first degree in Political Science. My background is across various industries including Wholesale, Retail, Healthcare, and Education within both for-profit and non-profit sectors. I now take my working background in organizational development and apply it to the career path I am most passionate about: optometry.

Goals following optometry school include serving on the COA & AOA to incorporate my legal research experience and previous human resources work as well. Educating the public on the value of ocular care beyond vision alone, extending the reach of eye care to remote and underserved populations, and expanding the optometric scope of practice are the three E's of my PAC goals. I also have a major passion for dry eye and anterior segment.

Whilst still in graduate school, it is my honor to serve as a student ambassador for the field, help in any way possible to refine the optometric curriculum and be a part of enhancing learning objectives [especially as they pertain to residencies].

Fun fact: My MBTI is ESTJ

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