Overcoming some Challenges in Corporate Optometry

You get to enjoy many perks as a corporate OD. A steady paycheck, insight into the business processes, already established patients, just to name a few. But the field of corporate optometry comes with its own set of challenges.

You may already know about the limited space provided to corporate ODs for their practice. It can get difficult to manage patients. Optometrists also feel a great need for advanced equipment that are more effective for eye care. Patients can get restless if they feel like their expectations aren’t being met.

Following are some ways to overcome those challenges faced by doctors and patients in Corporate Optometry.

Don’t Keep Them Waiting

It is easy to lose patients if you keep them waiting for too long to book an appointment, not being able to take walkins or keeping up with their needs.

You need to have a proper system in place to make sure everyone leaves satisfied with their care. Delegate some of your responsibilities to your staff. Train them so they know how to use basic pretesting equipment.

Once a patient enters the premises, figure out ways to keep them occupied if you are running behind. Have your staff offer to have them look at glasses while they are waiting. To avoid bottlenecks, ask your patients to book an appointment before showing up. Make it easy for them to book appointments with online appointments or pre booking appointment as part of your recall. Having convenient hours are important as well. Nights and weekends are important to capture the most patients.

Being efficient can help decrease wait time. Having the technology can help see more patients and depending on the volume of the office having another OD on staff can decrease wait times and accommodate more walkins.

New Technology

To keep your patients loyal to you, you need to stay in touch with them. A good EHR system and recall system can help with that. Many corporate opticals will provide you with an EHR and recall system as part of your sublease for a minimal rent fee. Technology can help retain patients and educate them throughout the year and get personal brand awareness.

Corporate optometry is also advancing at a quick pace. Many patients are seeing Corporate ODs are expecting their optometrists to be experienced enough to manage glaucoma, anterior and posterior segment eye disease and other ocular diseases. They would like to be able to have their eyecare for glasses and medical under one place.

Patients are also getting smarter and can tell if you have outdated equipment in your clinic. Stay up to date with the technology and education as optometry evolves. Corporate optometry provides the ability to have the advanced instrumentation because of vendor discounts, corporate optical providing it and the volume to justify it.

As a corporate OD, you’ll usually have limited space to store all your equipment but you can be innovative with newer technology. Invest in your practice and look for innovative ways to deal with some of the challenges in corporate optometry. They rewards what way the challenges.

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