New Grads Guide to Job Searching

You’ve finally graduated from college, you’ve made it through those tough 4 years, taken all the
exams possible, studied hard and you survived it. Congratulations! The excitement to just jump
into your field of study and start doing what you love and worked so hard towards is immense,
but where do you start? There are so many possible directions and having so many options may
make it hard to choose. Corporate Optometry Careers is a great way to ease this process.
Here’s what you need to do: take a breath and create a plan. Searching for the perfect job is a
mundane process but it could all be simplified with these easy steps.
Ask yourself: Where would you like to work? Since this is a career that you have chosen, it is
important to choose a working environment that best suits your needs in the long run. Picking a
location that allows you to perform at your best mentally and physically while offering room for
growth is imperative.
Once you’ve found the location you prefer, narrow down the options. There are options such as:
Fill in work
Part Time
Full Time
Independent Contractor
If you’re unsure, always ask questions. Do not shy away from asking professionals in different
fields on how their experience was or is. They’ll be able to provide you with information first
hand on what to expect while practicing. If you are unsure about who to reach out to, join a
group. Corporate Optometry offers a FaceBook Group linked with professionals globally, join to
get as much information as you can as well as keeping up with posts in the Optometry
community. You may even be able to get a letter of recommendation from people you’ll connect
If you’re looking to get some assistance during the process Corporate Optometry offers a vast
amount of opportunities world wide. The internet is a great tool for job searching but the process
is much easier if you used a website that does it all in one. Corporate Optometry Careers (link)
makes it so that all you have to do is list the requirements you prefer and a selection of
opportunities will be given to you.
Always remember to stay positive. Although we would love to get immediate results, that isn’t
always the case. Rejection is also a possibility in the process, don’t allow this to get you down
but rather allow you to learn and grow for the better. Don’t think of it as rejection, consider it to
be re-direction.
Also take into consideration that your first job may not always be your last. Especially if you’re
looking to work your way up. As humans we are constantly evolving and changing and
sometimes that may include our work environment and that is okay. This is also an opportunity
for more gained experience. Optometry is a field of high demand, so there will always be a need
for you.

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