Networking Tips for Young ODs

If you are a new graduate or are about to graduate soon networking can help elevate your career and find the job that you want.

The ‘key’ to open the doors that will lead you on a path to a successful career is to have a strong peer network that will help you grow.

If you see any senior OD who has been successfully working since years, you realize it’s just some initial hurdles you need to cross. And then the future is bright for you too. And the main barrier is your limited sight. You will need to develop your outreach in the industry.

As a young OD, you will need to network with others.  You might need help to find a suitable job or some advice from other ODs and this is exactly where a peer network proves beneficial.

Here are some tips to help you introduce yourself to the world of ODs.

The ultimate ‘Eyebook’

Social media is a complete eye-opener. Corporate Optometry on Facebook is a great way to network and communicate with other eye care professionals. It is a must-have tool if you want to connect eye care professionals.

Not only can it help you build a professional network remotely, but it also helps you to keep up to date with the latest advancements and developments in technologies. Moreover, you can easily find expert ODs in your vicinity and can then meet them personally.

Also, social media platforms dedicated especially to career developments is just what you need to expand your horizons and excel.

Look others in the eye

Attend job fairs, careers expos, workshops and any other professional development events in not just your area, but also in other localities. This exposes you to different people from your field and even demonstrates to employers how interested you are to work and willing to learn.

Also, face-to-face interaction give you a much more profitable and personalized chance to get your queries answered, as well as make a positive impression.

Connect with your fellow ODs

You must remain in touch with your colleagues.

Join your college alumni group or professional network also if they have one. As HR representatives in different organizations have an experience of the educational standards of the school they themselves attended.

Even if this is not the case, joining alumni and professional groups does increase your chances of finding relevant jobs.

As a new doc on the block, you will surely need assistance and guidance. And the best way to jump start your career as a new OD is to construct a well-developed and far-reaching network with others in your line of work.

After all,  a strong network opens doors that elevate your career.

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