Negotiating Your Salary as a New Optometry Grad

Job interviews often entail negotiations between the employer and prospective employee. It is understandable if you are a fresh graduate and feel uncomfortable talking about the salary.

It is important to understand the job market before going for your first interview. Here are 5 tips to effectively negotiate your salary as a new graduate.

1.     Do Your Research

Find out the entry level salary range for a position similar to yours in your area. Look up online job databases or get in touch with the state branch of a related national professional association to survey salaries.

Doing your homework will help you form realistic expectations. Knowledge of current salary trends will enable you to confidently demand a salary at par with optometrists who meet the same criteria.

2.     Let Your Employer Quote First

In the job market, the one who mentions the salary first is typically at a disadvantage. When you are offered a job as an optometrist, let your prospective employer mention the salary range or quote a figure first.

Employers often ask job candidates for an expected salary amount. In case that happens, respond by asking them how much they were paying their previous employee or their salary budget for this position.  Receiving an idea of the salary from the employer will help you better decide what to do next.

3.     Market Yourself

As budding optometrist, you need to let your employer know the skills and services you bring to the table. Talk about your education, professional activities, share references, or relate stories about any optometry-related situations you have been through.

If you are offered a salary that is substantially lesser than what you had expected, politely let your potential employer know the range you had hoped for. You can mention a range that is a little higher in order to have some space to negotiate down. Know that you can always lower your requests, but can never negotiate your salary upwards.

If you are not offered the salary you want but still want the job due to the valuable experience it will provide you with, try negotiating other aspects such as vacation time, occasionally working from home, or fuel allowances.

4.     Discuss Raise Opportunities

A good opportunity to talk about future salary raise is when you are negotiating a contract. Adopt a long term approach where you discuss performance appraisal policies of an optometry practice with the employer before starting work.

Show your boss that you are a motivated professional and aim to exceed expectations. Ask them about the criteria for increments, such as meeting a sales target or enhancing web conversion rates. Once you have fulfilled the criteria, you can initiate discussion for a raise.

5.     Be Truthful

Make honestly a fundamental principle while negotiating a salary at an optometry practice. It is alright to not reveal all details, but make sure whatever you do choose to disclose is true.

Only engage in negotiations if you are serious about the job. If salary negotiations do not turn out in your favor and you do not find the place otherwise worth joining, be prepared to say no. Simply be honest about the reason, instead of saying that you have a better job offer elsewhere.

A thorough research about the optometry job market and learning the art of bargaining with a prospective employer is crucial for beginning your career. Negotiate your salary as a new graduate by understanding your worth and knowing how to communicate it to an employer.

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