Negotiating a Contract in Optometry

After a lengthy search, you finally got a job that is suitable for you or possibly even a perfect fit. But the struggle is not over yet.

You still have to sign the employment contract. Often times we do not read the contract before signing it and just trust the employers on their word. But if you do that, it would be the equivalent of stepping into ta boxing ring without any gloves.

What are your objectives?

You need to decide what you really want. You may want a hefty salary, flexible working hours, job security, or other fringe benefits. When you know what you want and what you can take, you will be able to evaluate whether or not you can continue your affiliation with the company in a better manner.

Do your research

Involve yourself in some research regarding how the hiring system works, what is and is not acceptable in an optometrist hiring contract. You can go around and talk to the doctors in your area or you can also do some online search into how things work in your locality. If they have a copy of the contract that they have signed, and they are okay with showing it then you can have a look at that. It is especially important you do all of this because the employer may make you sign a compromising clause that may is not typical of any other optometry businesses.


When you negotiate with an employer over a contract make sure to ask them dozens of questions. Do not fear agitating them since you might be sealing yourself in with the company for a long amount of time. You should first be able to calmly sit down and read what the contract has written on it. Even if the employer has to sit there and wait for you and then you outline whatever objections and questions that you have regarding the position. When you are about to ask, make sure you can evaluate what the employer will think and have a potential response prepared.

Know your skills

If you are negotiating for a higher salary, then make sure to outline what skills that you have so as to back up your claim to a higher salary. It will help to understand what the employer wants and what the job description requires to match your skills with. Know the current market trends when it comes to the job descriptions, requirements, and what kinds of skills do the other individuals hold. Knowing these skills will help you match them with yours and allow you to negotiate even better.

It is important to go prepared to the contract negotiation meeting so that you do not get robbed of the benefits that you really deserve.

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