Myths About Subleasing in Corporate Optometry

If you are planning to start a sublease in corporate optometry, you may have preconceived notions about this practice modality that make you wonder if this is the right decision for you.

Working in a corporate optical not only saves you the hassle of a lot of administrative work, hiring staff but also in optical management. Moreover, you get to focus solely on your patients and your optical practice.

Still, there are many contradicting views and misconceptions about sublease practices that can affect your decision to pursue this career.

Patients Are Only Loyal to the Corporate Brand

Most optometrists believe that once they leave a corporate setting, they will also lose all of their patients. But this cannot be further from the truth. Patients are always loyal to the doctor and not the brand. If they are satisfied with your care, then they would follow you even if you started a private practice.

Patient retention mostly depends on your performance and your relationship with them. Word of mouth will also help bring in newer patients.

To make sure your patients keep coming back to you, you need to establish a bond of trust with them by providing amazing service and listening to all their needs and complaints.

You work all the time

Not all corporate opticals are the same. Not all contracts are the same either! Many Corporate ODs will sublease space for 2-3 days a week. Many factors come into play some are; your ability to negotiate, demographics, practice volume, years in business and how long the location has been without an OD.

Many Corporate ODs don’t work major holidays and have Sundays off and another day during the week. The Corporate OD’s schedule can vary and depends on the sublease. Not all Corporate ODs work til 7pm and every Saturday. Many take 2 week vacations at a time whether they have coverage or not. Corporate Optometry Consulting can help guide you to finding the right corporate optical brand for you. Many corporate opticals have unique features attract ODs.

Unavailability of Advanced Instruments

Working in a corporate optical doesn’t mean you won’t get to work with advanced instrumentation. Patients nowadays do their own research before deciding to make a trip to the doctor’s office, so the corporate world knows that they need to evolve constantly to meet patients’ expectations.

Corporations realize that giving ODs access to specialized equipment will only make them better at patient care. Many corporate sublease practices can be seen employing advanced instruments and techniques like OCT, electronic health records, retinal camera, auto lensometers, etc to provide an amazing patient experience.

The Main Focus Is to Sell Eyewear

It goes without saying that the job of a corporate OD goes way beyond selling eyewear to patients. It is about adopting a patient-centric approach in all their dealings. Patients are smart and can easily tell a marketing tactic from a genuine recommendation.

Corporate optical chains are aware that in order to compete with other chains, they need to provide exceptional care to build patient loyalty.

Corporate ODs know that in order to stand out from other optometrists, they need to provide the best individualized care to their patients. Working in a corporate setting doesn’t prevent you from offering specialized services. Many subleasing ODs will fit scleral lenses and other specialty cl. Sublease ODs are independent to the optical.

Jump starting your professional life as a corporate OD has a lot of benefits, from learning about the industry and business processes to having an already established patient base.

But before you get started, you need to realize that the performance of any corporation rests almost entirely with its employees. Regardless of the setting, your skills alone can make or break your career in optometry.

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