Job Posting Secrets


Hiring a great talent pool starts with composing the right job post. If the job post isn’t compelling enough, you won’t find strong candidates. Hence, here are a few tips.Image Description: A laptop, coffee mug, notepad, pen, and smartphone placed on a wooden table.

If you’re looking for the perfect candidate to join your firm, you’ll need to post a rather articulate job posting to make the role seem more attractive for job seekers. If potential candidates feel it’s a waste of time applying for that job, you’ll be at a loss for talent. Hence, the job posting should be compelling and lucrative for whoever’s viewing it. Let’s go through a few tips on drafting a solid job posting.

1.      Add Titles That Attract Job Seekers

A great job post should include a title that makes sense for job seekers. If the title isn’t relevant enough to spark an interest within them, they’re just going to skip it and look for another one. Hence, the job title should be kept as simple as it can. Adding unnecessary words to make the designation fancier won’t be used.

2.      Glance at Your Competition

If you need some inspiration to post a job, look at your competitors and see how they’ve drafted their job posts. Whatever role you’re hiring for, look for similar roles and how they’ve been described for potential candidates. Doing so would give you a good idea of composing a concise job post yourself. You can improve it by adding an element that others haven’t, making your job post more compelling.

3.      Cover Every Job Element

A sound job post should include details regarding every little thing the candidate would be responsible for. From everyday tasks to the much bigger ones, candidates pursuing that role should become well-versed about what they’d be entitled to do. Compose the job post in a detailed manner that should cover their long-term goals, the regular tasks, responsibilities, and finally, the people they’d be working with.

4.      Incorporate the Relevant Industry in the Post

When posting a job ad for a specific role, ensure to add the industry they’d be associated with. This helps job seekers in two ways. Firstly, the job can be more searchable as potential candidates search by industry. The second is that job seekers can be more aware of the work’s nature. For example, when hiring a Finance Analyst for a news company, add “media,” “broadcast industry,” or “communications” in the post.

5.      Compose it Professionally

You should, for sure, flaunt the company name and reputation in the job post. The more you do it, the more attractive your job post would be to the job seeker. You should write in detail about your company’s strengths. If, for example, it’s known for its people culture, add that in the post to attract more candidates. The job post must be composed professionally. Unnecessary capitalization would make the job post seem spam-like. Hence, ensure you don’t put too many caps in the post.

6.      Make the Post More SEO-Friendly

Keywords make the job more searchable for potential candidates. When looking for a specific role with certain benefits, job seekers tend to type keywords on job sites. For example, anyone looking for a digital marketing role might type keywords such as “digital,” “social media,” “digital media,” “SEO,” etc. Hence, a job poster needs to include keywords for different positions.

Since search engines have advanced quite a bit in these last few years, it has become easier for people to find what they’re looking for. Sites like LinkedIn use hashtags in their job postings, so job seekers can easily find available positions in the job market. The more hashtags you include in the post, the more views and applications you can find.

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