Integrity-Driven Leadership in Corporate Optometry

Leadership in Corporate Optometry should hold the responsibility of aiding optometrists in our industry. They should be taking steps and maintaining ethical standards within the profession. This approach involves actively addressing challenges, taking feedback from ODs and implementing solutions in a timely manner. Integrity should always be a trait that leader possess. Unfortunately not all leaders have integrity. Leaders should be create transparency, accountability, and ethical behavior in corporate optometry to support optometrists and promote the advancements in our industry.

Communicate Clearly and Transparently

Provide timely, honest, and accurate communication by answering questions directly and following up on commitments13. Be transparent about decisions and allow for open and honest conversations3. Communicate accountability clearly across the organization3. Many ODs are invested in the business and to their patients. ODs need to be informed of decisions and be involved.

Empower ODS and Foster Collaboration

Empower ODs by giving them a voice and allowing them to weigh in on decisions1. Sublease ODs should be able to voice issues without retaliation. Promote a culture of collaboration where individuals feel empowered to contribute their unique skills and ideas towards the shared purpose4. Recognize and celebrate achievements, providing encouragement and reinforcement4. Foster collaborations with ad boards, online forums, surveys and lunch and learns.

Make Decisions and Take Action

Leaders should not be afraid to question the norm or do something different1. Make decisions, no matter how high the stakes are, as indecisiveness can cause delays that allow competitors to get ahead1. Take action to drive results while maintaining integrity4. Integrity is doing the right thing even without others knowing about it. Not every good decision or action needs to be published on Linkedin to show you are a good person. People that do things behind the scenes do it because they want to support others and see better in the industry.

Lead by Example with Integrity Demonstrate your commitment to the purpose and vision by leading by example4. Ensure your financial and commercial practices do not compromise patient safety3. Be honest in your financial and commercial dealings with patients, colleagues, employers, and other organizations3. In Addition, showcasing your achievements on social media or celebrate other leaders that would benefit you personally.

Continuously Develop Skills and Adapt to Change

Continuously develop your leadership skills and competencies, seeking opportunities for learning and improvement4. Stay abreast of industry trends, emerging technologies, and evolving best practices4. Embrace change as an opportunity for growth and innovation, rather than resisting it4. Encourage a learning mindset within your team, where challenges and setbacks are viewed as opportunities for improvement4. By aligning vision and action with integrity, corporate optometry leaders can drive results and inspire their teams to achieve collective goals. Clear communication, empowering employees, decisive action, leading by example, and continuously developing skills while adapting to change are essential for effective action-oriented leadership.

In corporate optometry, the crucial role of integrity in leadership is the differentiating factor. Prioritizing ethical decision-making can inspire trust within an organization and foster growth and collaboration among ODs. IT is a big commitment to be a leader in corporate optometry with integrity. But it is that factor that separates true leaders from individuals that are doing it for the wrong reasons.

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