How You Can Increase Speed to Increase Productivity

When someone tells you to work faster, it typically never helps because all it does is induce anxiety and stress, and rush you to make mistakes. However, the evolving landscape of the eye care market requires optometrists and practices to increase their productivity or production.The best way to do this is to increase speed. In any business, increasing speed or reducing downtime leads to faster production. The same is true for eye care practices. While there are plenty of ways to increase speed in an eye care practice, the best one is to improve the skills and speed of the staff.

Improve Skills to Increase Speed

Large enterprises or businesses in many industries often provide comprehensive training for their staff. Corporate training includes courses to develop certain skill sets. These courses are specifically designed to increase efficiency and speed without inducing stress or compromising productivity.

However, most optometry practices are not large enterprises with the resources to provide comprehensive staff training. The smaller scope of dentist offices should not be seen as an obstacle to staff training. You should aim for increased speed and efficiency in staff for your practice. You can identify a specific skill set that will help your team to increase its speed and efficiency.

Of course, you must avoid things like anxiety, stress, and errors. It shouldn’t be about working faster but learning advanced skills that improve speed and efficiency.

Here are three great ways to increase speed to increase your practice’s productivity without inducing stress.

1.    Ongoing Education and Training

You must constantly identify how you can educate and train your staff to get things done faster and more efficiently. For example, you can spot the skills your assistants lack or haven’t perfected yet.

When you educate and train them with advanced skills, it allows dentists to delegate more. Delegation will make them more efficient and allow you to opt for an accelerated schedule. With increased efficiency, optometrists can increase the number of patients and procedures daily.

2.    Utilize Technology

Technology is improving speed and efficiency in every facet of industry and life. For dental practices, a simple example is using text message confirmations instead of calling patients. It is much faster, efficient, and when you text to confirm appointments, there are fewer no-shows and last-minute cancellations. Of course, this is just a simple example, and there are many other technological solutions you can use to up the speed and productivity of your practice. Study and consider them thoroughly before incorporating them into your practice

3.    Base Schedules on Daily Targets

The great thing about schedules is that you can calculate them to ensure that the correct number of patients are being treated to achieve the daily target. If your practice is operating under its potential, reevaluate and recalculate your schedule to increase production to meet your target

Speed Will Help You Flourish

Don’t be afraid to ask your staff and take suggestions to increase speed and productivity. You can even share this post with them to help them understand the importance of speed and efficiency without inducing stress or anxiety.

They may come up with something better than what you had in mind. If anything helps shave off even 5 or 10 minutes from a 30-minute eye exam without compromising on quality, you can do 5 of those exams in a normal work day instead of just four.

Ultimately, it adds up to a lot more output and revenue over a year; this is the power of speed for productivity. Hence, you should consider the recommendations mentioned in this post to help increase the speed and productivity of your practice.

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