How to Overcome Your Greatest Career Challenges in Corporate Optometry

It has always been said that to be successful you will have to get through challenges in corporate optometry. This saying is correct on many levels since it is your challenges and mistakes that teach you about life, your work, your industry, and yourself. It is your determination to not let the struggles get you down and define that help shape you into the successful person you are today.
Many young optometrists often wonder how optometrists with thriving careers get to where they are. Here are some of the tips that they can follow:

Use your fear as an advantage

Everyone has a fear that leaves them disabled to do anything that is high risk or that is simply out of their comfort zone. However, they should never let that fear define them. They should take that fear and somehow try to use it to their advantage. They can either try to overcome it or they use it as an element in their work. For example, a comedian who is shy can use that shyness as part of a joke. Or a motivational speaker who dreads public speaking can build confidence in themselves by continuous practice and utilizing power poses.  You are able to do the same if you are nervous about taking the leap from employed to self employment. It can be the fear of corporate optometry not subleasing locations and turning your location into an employed position. Use that fear to create your path to your future.

Rely on other people

Many Optometrists will rely on the regional manager or optical manger to help with office scheduling, growing a business or adding services. Understand that you are driver of that business you can’t rely on others to help grow your own business. Do not rely on the company to market your practice. Do not rely on them to train the staff about optometric business.

Never stop learning

Even the people in their 60s can continue to learn so why not someone who is still in their 20s? You can always use a new fresh day to learn a different set of skills which help you achieve more success in life. If you are an accountant, you can learn software; if you are a marketer, learn graphic designing. There is always something new to learn and you can bet that it will help you in the future. Just because your office focuses on patient care doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be learning the optical side in corporate optometry. You should be continuing to learn all the administrative tasks and understand how the optical sells eyewear, retains patients, markets to potential customers and develops their brand.

Rise above limitations
There will always be limitations in your journey that might make you nervous and want to take a step back. But you will have to work your way around it. If your team is facing the limitation, gather your team, communicate well, and build trust in each other before you take the next step.
A transition is a tough choice
You will have to at some point in time transition in your career. It can be in any field of optometry. It can be something you have studied briefly before. It might seem very risky at first but you will have to surround yourself with the right people to transition successfully. This means that you can surround yourself with the people who have previously worked in the field you are aiming for.
Success is a long journey but with the right moves and decision, it will be easier and well worth it.

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