How to Keep Your Employees Motivated

There is a concept within the work industry that the happy employees are the productive employees. This is, unfortunately, a concept is often overlooked in the work industry.

Companies in these times concentrate fairly less on the motivation and mental health of the employees and more on their productivity. However, it is important to understand that their productivity remains ingrained in their motivation.

There is a misconception that the employees need to be led by fear and the promise of good money. In fact, the money concept not even work in some of the companies as many of them expect the employees to perform at their best whilst paying them just above minimum wage.

Motivating the employees is an art since you need to make sure that you have made them emotionally and mentally satisfied enough to keep working for you without leaving the company.


This is the most basic factor which may attract an employee to the job and get them to remain there. In this world, everything is dependant on money and everyone wants to be wealthy. However, the businesses do not make it that easy and would often refuse to give the employees the money that is equivalent to their knowledge and skills. This acts as a severe de-motivator for the employee and it may prompt them to leave the company for a better opportunity or end up delivering poorer results than they are capable of which may cost the company extra time and resource. The company needs to make sure to ask the amount that the person they are recruiting expects and try to match their range with the potential employees’.

Encourage and Elevate

Make sure to communicate the value of meeting targets to the employees in a more effective way. In fact, they will need to emphasize the importance of the employee reaching the target in a day or month which will then affect their future prospects. This will get the employee to work harder without the boss having to continuously watch over the employee. You want to create a positive work environment where employees can state their opinions on a project without being reprimand. Give recognition when deserved, it depends on the person it can be public or private.

Let them make the decision

One of the rarely practiced methods is of letting the employees decide what they want with the company or how they want a specific event to go on. For example, if the business is making a major decision regarding a department, then the managers and optometrist will need to speak to the employees of that department and find out whether or not they are in favor of the decision and if they have an alternative prospect.

A lot of the companies tend to complain about their high turnover rate but what they do not understand is that they will to look within themselves and find out what they are doing as such that demotivates the employees rather than blaming the ex-employees themselves. Employees need to know that all their efforts are driving towards something, if they feel part of something and understand it they will work harder!

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