How to Cope with Unreasonable Expectations in Corporate Optometry

Wanting your hard work to pay off is natural. You give 100 percent to your work and to your patients. You meet expectations on the amount of patients per hour, produce quality work, and simply do what is best for your patients and the business. Sometimes there may be requests that might seem unreasonable after all the effort.

Being a sublease business is supposed to be demanding and challenging. If you are being paid as an employee, you should expect to be able to handle a certain amount of patient and other administrative tasks. However, when sublease ODs are required to add more hours or hire an associate when the business does not warrant it might seem overbearing. If an employed OD is over worked seeing more patients than the average in the industry or is required to take a walk in before lunch or right before it is time to leave for the day can be stressful. To work beyond the ordinary schedule even when the amount of work doesn’t necessitate it is just not right. Whether it be patient load, hours of operation, evaluating your business or other things that ODs might feel that are unreasonable, there are ways to cope and help change your situation.

Here are some ways to cope with unreasonable expectations corporate optometry.

Determine If the Expecations are Truly Unrealistic

There’s a thin line between unreasonable expectations and challenges for your betterment. Is it impossible to carry out the tasks assigned to you within the given limitations? Or is insecurity the reason for your worry? There are some factors that you can take into consideration to know this for sure.

See the corporate optical has a high turnover rate. The corporate optical who contributes to the advancement of its ODs and pushes them towards betterment has a successful employment record and sublease partnership. Think of all the reasons that you can’t meet some of these expectations. Put yourself in the corporate optical’s situation and think from their perspective. Once you have determined that the expectations your partnership with the corporate optical has from you are truly unrealistic, take action – Many corporate opticals are open to feedback on making the environment better for their ODs.

Seek Advice from Your Colleagues Ask your colleagues who are more experienced than you for advice. Consult them for insight to understand corporate optometry better. Although your position and workload might differ from your colleagues, they might be going through the same difficulty as you are.

Collect information to determine if it’s something that is common nationwide or regional. Your co-workers might be able to help you and provide you with tips to tackle the situation in a better manner. Many times issue that are regional can be brought up to management at the corporate level. Some corporate opticals have regional OD ambassadors or advisory councils to help guide you.

Have a Chat with Leadership

Do not delay this step and be confident. Do not consider this as acceptance of failure. You need to stand up for what you believe in. Talk to the regional manager and to professional services at corporate headquarters. Explain to them how you need a little flexibility from their side. Be ready with an alternative solution.

The over-demanding expectations can put a negative impact on your work. It can cause your frustration levels to spike and your productivity to go down. Suffering in silence is not the way to go. Use the above tactics to cope with unrealistic expectations. There are solutions and compromise to any situation. Each corporate optical is different, some fit for some ODs and others fit for others. Find what works for you.

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