How to Cope with an Unfavorable Employment Experience in Corporate Optometry

Working as a corporate OD can be rewarding. Sometimes it can be stressful when there are factors you can’t control, like staff, hours of operation, insurance plans and much more.

After you find yourself in a tough situation and feel like giving up, you should realize that bad experiences can help you learn a lot about yourself and your needs.

Here are some ways you can get back on track like nothing ever happened.

Remember You’re Not the Only One

This cannot be stressed enough. While it may be easier to isolate yourself and feel like you’ve lost all motive to go on, you need to realize that most people go through the same thing as you.

Instead of ruminating on past experiences and alienating yourself, find comfort in your friends and colleagues. Be honest about your feelings and get it out into the open. This will help you get over it faster and you may end up thinking it is not that big of a deal.

When you reach out to other people, they may share similar experiences with you and help you gain some perspective.

Try to See the Positives

This can be tricky but it is super important to find the silver lining. Identify the causes and try to adopt a more objective approach. Figure out where you may have gone wrong or what it taught you about yourself and other people and use that to your advantage.

Find strength in your resilience. Even if it took a while to get around it, you have survived it. This means that whenever corporate culture throws you a curveball, you can take it. If you break at your first contact with discomfort, then you won’t be able to thrive in this heavily competitive environment.

Prepare for the Future

While it is important not to keep repeating the situation in your head, you need to be conscious of what can happen in the future. A potential employer can always ask why you ended things at your last workplace and you need to have a smart answer ready.

To prepare for those kinds of questions, one thing that can help is reframing your situation. Use it as something that made you a better employee and be sparing with your words. Less is more in this scenario.

Being resentful towards a former employer doesn’t bode well for anyone. A future employer can take that as a negative because it’s not reasonable for them to believe one side of the story.

When you’re going through a difficult time, these things may seem easier said than done. But you need to stay hopeful and try your hardest to not take it personally. With perseverance and patience, you will come out the other side happier.

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