10 Obsessions to Becoming a Successful OD.

Becoming a successful OD is not as easy as you would think. It takes quite a dedicated person to reach that milestone. A lot of people may even give up along the way or become tired of their businesses. But you have to know that it isn’t just luck that gets you the golden ticket.…

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Advantages of Being an Underdog.

Being an Underdog: Benefits and How to Accomplish Bigger Achievements Being an underdog often seems like an insult. The ones who label others as underdogs also mean it as an insult. However, being an underdog isn’t as bad it seems. It has quite a few advantages if one plays their cards right. For starters, they…

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How to Manage Entitled Employees.

Meta Title: How to Manage Entitled Employees. Meta Description: Entitled employees can be tricky to handle. However, if you play your cards right, you can do so. Read this post to learn more. Primary Keywords: Entitled employees, how to manage entitled employees, managing entitled employees. How to Manage Entitled Employees Image Title: Managing Entitled Employees.…

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The Power of a Reference

When job seekers look for a position to make the company more resourceful, they try to impress as much as possible during their interviews. They aren’t wrong to do so as it’s important to make a lasting impression on the interviewer/potential employer. One thing that employers also zoom in on is the references a specific…

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Job Posting Secrets

I Hiring a great talent pool starts with composing the right job post. If the job post isn’t compelling enough, you won’t find strong candidates. Hence, here are a few tips.Image Description: A laptop, coffee mug, notepad, pen, and smartphone placed on a wooden table. If you’re looking for the perfect candidate to join your…

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Everything You Need to Know About Optometry Contracts

reviewing and signing a contract

Employment contracts hold significant importance regardless of the industry you’re working in. They outline details about the position you’re interviewing for. Because you’re going to be signing this important document, you must understand its ins and outs. You should clarify anything that is ambiguous or requires further explanation to the employer. This is pivotal because contracts are binding;…

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Negotiating Your Salary as a New Optometry Grad

Person holding US dollar banknotes

Job interviews often entail negotiations between the employer and prospective employee. It is understandable if you are a fresh graduate and feel uncomfortable talking about the salary. It is important to understand the job market before going for your first interview. Here are 5 tips to effectively negotiate your salary as a new graduate. 1.    …

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5 Ways to Bring Out the Best in Your Office Manager

employees working together as a team

Maintaining a successful optometry practice is just as challenging as building one from the ground up. A capable office manager could prove to be a big help, but only if they’re properly managed. If your optometry practice is riddled with administrative hiccups and daily issues adversely affecting productivity, it’s a sign that you need to work on your…

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