Getting Over Burnout When You Can’t Find Coverage for Your Sublease

Workplace burnout is highly troublesome and distressing in corporate optometry.

It isn’t uncommon but when it comes to a burnout in corporate optometry, the pressure is on a whole another level.

If you are even slightly familiar with the field of optometry, let alone corporate optometry, you would be very well aware of how notorious this is in the field. From long work hours and little off days to a large number of patients and various other factors, managing an optometric sublease or working in one can turn into a dreadful task. Retail hours and tasks can take a toll on you if you can’t find coverage and demands are unreasonable.

But before you decide to leave work altogether or question your choice of becoming an optometrist, remind yourself of the bright horizon you saw when starting your journey on this path. And for further help read this two-minute article to find out how to get over burnout when you can’t find coverage for your sublease.

Understand the symptoms

Half the cure lies in diagnosis. Therefore, you will only be able to help yourself when you first acknowledge that something is just not right.

Realize you might be experiencing a burnout if you are becoming overly stressed or if you feel that you are working hard but achieving much less in comparison.

Easy way out

The most obvious solution is to take some time off and perhaps go on a refreshing vacation or relax at home.

But if you cannot get away from work temporarily, or afford the time and resources needed for such a break, follow these other tips. Speak with the regional manager and eye care director make your health a priority . No one can work 7 days a week and be productive, it is not good for your health or your business.

Embrace your work wholeheartedly

If you don’t personalize yourself with your work you will definitely end up resenting it.

Treat patients as ‘people’ instead of seeing them as a burden or work. Find enjoyment in your office. Sublease has many positives that come with it focus on those positives.

For instance, refer to your patients always by their name rather than saying ‘the glaucoma guy’ or ‘the girl with an impaired vision.’ This way you will relate better, sympathize more and become more accepting of your job.

Work out

You might roll your eyes thinking ‘work out’ when you are already being burnt out?

But despite your unwillingness take some time out to exercise daily and you will notice your mood and health improve significantly.

It doesn’t have to be the gym always. You can try simple exercises you can do within your workplace during breaks or try commuting the entire or part of the distance to and from work on foot. Take a walk around the mall or host store during down time. If your schedule allows take longer lunches and come in a little later during non peak times of the year.

Restructure your work

If you are having trouble handling some aspects of your sublease such as managing financial issues, maintaining the equipment and so on, you should consider acquiring relevant help.

Hire a tech reduce your workload and handle basic optometry tasks, even a scribe can help with the EMR and reduce your stress until you find OD coverage!

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