Four Reasons to Change Jobs Every Few Years

Staying stagnant within an organization may cause you to develop a routine that you become comfortable with. At times this means that you may forget to innovate, to continuously improve, and to adapt when changes come around that affect your business. Not only does this stagnation not help your business to grow, but it can lead to burnout or dissatisfaction if you get tired of your routine.

Expanding your business or career.

You don’t want to be stuck in the same spot forever. You want to find people that can grow with you and have the same beliefs as you do within your business. It’s up to you to take the bull by the horns and create an image and a goal for your career and your business. You might want to switch jobs or locations if certain equipment in the office is limited to treating diseases or scope of practice. You could consider looking into a new sublease or other opportunities whether they be corporate or private in nature. You always want to look to expand your career. Take risks and move up on the career ladder rather than making lateral moves. Making changes in your job will give you new experiences, challenges, and encounters that will ultimately grow your skillset, understanding and business knowledge.

Growing your value.

When you change jobs you now have more experience under your belt. You’ll be able to learn from the mistakes you’ve made with other subleases, and you’ll know what you can ask for within reason. This means that you can renegotiate your hours and your salary. Your early earning doesn’t dictate your self-worth. Education, time, and experience speak volumes towards your value. If you’ve been self-employed you have patients that will follow you. This brings huge value to any corporation, especially if there is a stagnation in that area as you can bring in new patients to that optical.  You won’t get locked up in a contract you don’t like because you have new knowledge and you gather more pull and say.  Over the years you will  have your personal brand developed and expanded your OD network in the industry. As you move around people follow you, other eye care professionals want to work with you and value your recommendations. Other people can vouch for you. That is a huge value!

You’ll understand your vision and goals.

Often you might find that people don’t understand your vision, or they don’t see eye to eye with you on patient care. When you change jobs and gain experience you learn what your passion is and what your importance is to an employer. You will be able to evaluate an employer or location and understand whether it is the right fit for you as you grow into your career and find your goals and passions. You’ll learn to chase after a team or corporation that will take risks with you and grow with you.

Break the routine.

Over time you get into a routine and you forget to keep questioning the norms. You may not challenge yourself to do continuously do better. You don’t look to make improvements within yourself or your practice. If you’re happy with where you are, then that is perfectly fine, but if you want to move up and improve to the next step in your career challenging yourself is crucial. Even if you’re comfortable you want to question issues and find solutions to improve in your practice and career. There will always be change within the business and changing jobs may help you to stay on your feet, think on the fly, and adapt when changes are made.

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