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6 Steps to Starting an Optometry Practice

Starting an optometry practice can prove to be a rather rewarding experience for optometrists. However, setting up a business and running it successfully requires substantial time and meticulous effort. Having so much to plan may seem daunting at first, but it is possible to manage your venture efficiently with a step-by-step approach. Here is a…

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The Art of Negotiation for Optometrists

Negotiating can be stressful when making important decisions regarding your business. If you own an optometry practice, you may have to deal with various stakeholders to conclude major deals, such as a merger, the acquisition of another practice, or selling your own practice. Experience does help you negotiate better, but if you are a novice,…

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The future of Optometry will include Telemedicine.

virtual appointment with a doctor

You might think the practice of tele-optometry has been necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic. That because everything is going down the virtual route, it only makes sense for some aspects of the healthcare industry to follow suit. The truth is, tele-optometry has been around since retinal imaging was taken at the VA almost 20 years…

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How to Build Racial Equity at Work

Multiracial coworkers discussing a project

Optometry is an important niche in healthcare where professionals are responsible for finding solutions to bad eyesight and diagnosing eye diseases. As in all other industries, racial equity at work is vital in the field of optometry. The effort to end structural and systemic racism should be led from the top and permeate to all…

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Everything You Need to Know About Optometry Contracts

reviewing and signing a contract

Employment contracts hold significant importance regardless of the industry you’re working in. They outline details about the position you’re interviewing for. Because you’re going to be signing this important document, you must understand its ins and outs. You should clarify anything that is ambiguous or requires further explanation to the employer. This is pivotal because contracts are binding;…

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What to Know Before You Refer Someone for a Job

What to Know Before You Refer Someone for a Job If you are an employer or have landed a good job in a great organization, rest assured that you will be getting quite a few requests for job referrals. It can be anyone from among your friends and family to an employee who recently left…

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