Assessing the Best Candidate for Your Optometry Clinic

Even if you read people pretty easily, you probably still can’t determine a person’s nature to the fullest extent. When you are sitting in the room with a candidate, you need to make sure that you are assessing them properly. Any interviewer comes with certain biases, which is why it can be a good idea to come up with a good system. Finding the best candidate for your optometry clinic can only be done if you have a good assessment system in place.

Different Assessment Tools

There are different assessment tools that you can use to make sure that you pick the right candidate for your optometry clinic.

Integrity Tests

Integrity tests are basic background checks to personality and skills assessment tests. They are a great way to check whether the candidate will be a suitable pick for you.

Aptitude Tests

Aptitude tests involve problem-solving, critical thinking, and the ability to learn and apply new information. This will help you understand the brainpower of the candidate, which you won’t be able to gauge solely based on grades, resume, and interviews.

Personality Tests

Personality tests can help you uncover how well-suited the candidate is to the work environment, culture, and management style. The traits that you will obtain in the test directly relate to how well the candidate will be able to perform. It will help you prevent management issues in the future.

Emotional Intelligence Test

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is needed to ensure that you can handle working in a team and dealing with clients. The best candidate for your optometry clinic will be one that can form interpersonal relationships. In the industry of healthcare, you need to make sure that the candidate has a high EI.

Skills Assessment

Skills assessment will help you gain insight into the candidates’ tech know-how, communication abilities, and proficiency in caregiving.

Core Values

Assessment for core values will help you see what the most important thing for the person is in life. If it matches with the core value of the clinic, you will have the right candidate for your optometry clinic.

Workplace Culture

Assessment of workplace culture will help you understand what culture the candidate would enjoy the most. This will help you see whether they will thrive in the work culture you have created in the clinic.


Using a holistic approach to find the best candidate for the job is the right way to go. Using a mixture of the assessment tools above will guarantee that you find the best candidate for your optometry clinic

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