Advantages of Being an Underdog.

Being an Underdog: Benefits and How to Accomplish Bigger Achievements

Being an underdog often seems like an insult. The ones who label others as underdogs also mean it as an insult. However, being an underdog isn’t as bad it seems. It has quite a few advantages if one plays their cards right.

For starters, they can avoid being in the spotlight all the time, hence, avoiding potential scrutiny. Furthermore, it rids people from unwanted anxiety and pressure to be the best. Not that you shouldn’t be the best, but focusing on your goals in silence and behind closed doors is much better than everyone watching your every move.

Being underestimated can be extremely empowering. The negativity can get a great way to motivate you to want to succeed and provide them wrong.

Every Chance Is an Opportunity

Let’s analyze a few benefits of being an underdog.

It’ll surely sting when people don’t think you can do much, but you can achieve plenty if you focus on the bigger picture. For example, if there’s a opportunity to take a position or expand your business as an underdog, there might be less opposition if people don’t consider you a threat. Those people might not be analyzing your every move to try and discredit your advancements and stealing your ideas. Many times when people count you out it can be a great advantage as you work in silence to make your next move. Use this opportunity to prove them otherwise. This will open up other prospects for you as well. Underdogs always take any opportunity and work that no one else wants because they know it is the start of the building block to their success.
Underdogs thrive on adversity. It is the fuel for the fire!

All Tricks Lie in Your Cards

Depending on you play your cards, you can come out on top. When people don’t have high expectations from you, you can throw them off with the “wow factor.” The wow factor is when people underestimate you, and you turnaround and amaze them with your capabilities. It leaves their jaws dropped and makes them realize they were wrong to underestimate you. Playing your cards right is all about the right timing. When you see the perfect opportunity, slip right in, do your thing. If you worked hard and built up a solid business you will have already planned for this. It is hard for your competitors to know which avenue to “attack” at if you have a good poker face!

‘Wow’ People With Your Creativity

People might think you’re an underdog, but you know who you are; that is anything but. Hence, if you’re tired of being known as the underdog, simply shut people up by showing them how creatively innovative you are. If there’s a specific project at work that has people mind-boggled, offer your sharp strategic skills, and become the helping hand nobody else could. The more you prove your skills to people, the sooner they’ll realize how brilliant you actually are. In optometry many times things are political and alliances were formed many years before. Thinking out side the box to achieve your goals. Underdogs have to think differently to get what they want. In reality they had to in order to overcome all their failures in the past. Those that get instant success, it is hard for them to get back up even with a bump in the road. Underdogs have original ideas and concepts. People that copy others never get ahead.

Risk Takers Are Prize Takers

The more risks you take, the bigger the jackpot –simple. If you always stay in your comfort zone, you’ll only achieve the ordinary, something everyone’s achieving. So, what makes you different; extraordinary? Do something that others are afraid of. Take a big risk by pursuing something you never have. Underdogs have to take risks and go the extra mile, they are not afraid by failure. The mindset of an underdog is determination and willingness to out work your competitors no matter what it takes. Life throws a lot of different things at you, underdogs get hit and come back up and keep going, where others stay down and never get up again. You know what they say, “the greater the risk, the greater the reward.”

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