8 Ways Volunteering Can Grow Your Optometry Business

Volunteering is a great way to boost your team’s morale & grow your optometrist

As an optometrist, you put in the effort, time, and money to establish your clinic. However, your
responsibility doesn’t end here. As a medical professional, it is your job to ensure that everyone in your community knows and has access to the eye care services you provide. But unlike any other business, growing an optometry business isn’t easy.

You need to connect with new people and have the patience and persistence to learn new things. Of all the marketing strategies, volunteering has the most benefits that can help you establish a successful
optometry business. Read on to learn how volunteering can grow your optometry business. Helps You Connect with Future Customers
Did you know that over 12 million people have vision problems? Volunteering will help your optometry business grow by helping you connect with future customers and build stronger relationships with the
old ones. It will also help in developing a good image and reputation for your optometry business in the community, leading to more customers.

Attracts Top Talent
A lesser-known advantage of volunteering is that it can greatly help you in attracting the right employees. The optometry business isn’t only about providing people with eye healthcare-related services, but it is about doing the greater good. Similarly, people want to be a part of a company that
cares for the world around them and not only think about making profits. Therefore, volunteering will help you in connecting with the best optometrists in the country. This will ultimately provide you with
great benefits in the long term.

Boosts Morale
According to a study in the Journal of Happiness, volunteering can have a positive impact on a person’s mental and physical health and alleviate stress. In simpler words, optometrists who volunteer have
better morale and feel happier. This results in boosting productivity as the employees take pride in their job and the company. Furthermore, it portrays your optometry business as “humane” and “good,” which
encourages the loyalty of employees towards the company. In fact, according to a Business in The Communities survey, volunteering improved the employer’s perception in 87% of the employees and
made 82% of the employees feel more committed.
Other positive impacts of volunteering on our mental health include increased self-esteem, increased life satisfaction, reduced symptoms of depression, reduced brain shrinking, and higher productivity.

Inspires the Community and Builds Trust
Another way that volunteering can be beneficial for your optometry business is that it will inspire the community to help others and build trust. Businesses are an essential part of our everyday lives; from
seeking out a wide range of goods and services, people prefer supporting organizations with a positive reputation and believe in giving back to the community.
Volunteering demonstrates that when people come together, change is possible. This motivates others and promotes increased involvement in charitable causes and other initiatives to support the communities. Volunteering also plays a great role in bringing people together and developing strong leaders. Therefore, businesses that participate in volunteering deeply connect with the community and
establish themselves as reliable company that wants to make this world a better place for everyone. Improves Your Brand Image
One of the most effective methods to improve brand image and increase brand awareness is to give back to the community, and what’s better than volunteering. This helps in promoting your professional
values and vision, creating a positive image of your optometry business in the minds of the employees and customers.
Since 90% of Americans believe that a brand that promotes social causes is trustworthy, your optometry clinic might also see a rise in revenue and sales. Moreover, 88% of American customers said they would
buy a product with positive social or environmental effects. And over 84% of respondents said they would spread the word to their friends about a company’s CSR initiatives. Thus, volunteering will make it
easier for your optometry clinic to earn the trust and loyalty of your clients.

Creates Leaders and Expands Your Team’s Skill Sets
Whether you have been practicing optometry for a month or several years, volunteering provides you and your team with an opportunity to learn. Random cases can put your team into situations that they
have never experienced. This will push them to think outside the box, get creative, and learn new skills.
The problem-solving skill, decision-making, and customer relation can also help you in identifying leaders. So, if you are thinking of promoting certain employees, sign them up for an eye care camp and observe them as they deal with different patients.

Creates Better Service
The key to running a successful optometry business is to provide the best services. However, you will never know about the problems that people are facing until to step into the community and see for
yourself. Volunteering helps organizations in building stronger relationships with people and learning about the type of services and products that are required. This ultimately motivates companies to
provide better services and become a pioneer in the industry.

You Get More Word-of-Mouth Referrals
Whether you are participating in a community project or a local fundraiser, word-of-mouth referrals are
the best benefit of volunteering for an optometry business. People see how much you care about your patients and how dedicated you are to providing the best eye care services. These people will take
pictures of your medical camp setup and post them online, endorsing your services free of cost. The good press puts your optometry business in a newer position and will open doors to better opportunities.

Final Thoughts
Volunteering will help promote teamwork, get new employees, boost morale, get great referrals, and most importantly, it will give you the peace of mind of giving back to the community.
So, if you are looking for ways to grow your optometry business, volunteer at a local health fair, host a school vision day or organize a free-of-cost eye care camp for those who cannot afford an eye exam and don’t have health care benefits.

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