5 Ways to Motivate Your Team

One of the most important ingredients for successful teamwork is motivation. Whether it’s a single project or a long-term plan, inspire your team by showing them that you value all the work they do, because at the end of the day, a motivated team is a productive team.

1. Customize Your Rewards

While the output of your team may be combined, each team member contributes a significant amount of individual effort to get the job done. Giving them a bonus or a raise might boost their performance in the short-term, but by personalizing the reward, you are making them feel special, which will make them improve their work every time.

Even if it’s a snack, knowing which teammate loves chocolate, and who prefers sugar-free snacks, and who is vegan shows your team that you care.

2. Provide a Well-deserved Break

Depending on how much room you have in your budget, you can either splurge on a weekend retreat or bring lunch to the office. Even a celebration dinner when a certain project is completed can make your team feel appreciated.

3. Recognize Individual Efforts

Your team may have a common goal, but some employees may perform better than others. A round of applause for them before the meeting or individual conversation goes a long way. Itwill make them feel motivated, and will also inspire the rest of your team to step up their game.

4. Always Be There

Being approachable is essential to connect with your team. No matter how busy your schedule is, take time out to help them. Make them feel comfortable enough to approach you if there’s a problem or if they just need some advice. Bring out the best in your team members and build their loyalty towards you and your organization. The sense of job ownership they’ll have will improve their efforts and productivity.

5. Build a Safe Space for Your Team

Whether one of your team members has just returned from maternity leave or other personal events congratulate them and get the other team members to do the same. This sense of solidarity and belonging will bring out the best in your team.

You can appreciate your team’s efforts in many ways. Generic rewards such as money may make your team happy, but if you want to truly motivate and inspire them, customize the rewards and be creative.

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